Unique Gift Ideas For New Mums

If one of your friends or family members is celebrating a new arrival, it’s tempting to shower them in baby clothes and cuddly toys. But when it comes to buying gifts, especially at Christmas, don’t underestimate how much new mums will love receiving something just for themselves.  

With that in mind, this list of unique gift ideas is designed to pamper and empower the new mum in your life.


A Homemade Pamper Hamper 

Sure, you could buy a premade hamper from a high-street shop but it’s so much nicer (and cheaper!) to put together a personalised one yourself. First, fill an empty basket will all the recipients' favourite snacks then top it off with selfcare items like candles, eye masks and bath salts.  

The personal touches are sure to score you some serious bestie points if you’re giving this to a friend. And you can feel good knowing you’ve given a gift that will encourage her to indulge in some much needed ‘me’ time.  

An Indulgent Gift Box  

This is the Pamper Hamper’s naughtier cousin. Don’t get us wrong, relaxation is important, but new mums also deserve to let their hair down by enjoying all the things they weren’t allowed during their pregnancy.  

Fill a large gift box with alcohol, soft cheeses, pate, strong coffee and more alcohol. You could even make a playlist of the recipients' favourite party tunes and (if you’re feeling brave) offer to babysit so she can make a proper night of it. Did we mention to include alcohol?  

Spoil Her With Jewellery  

There’s a long-standing tradition of buying jewellery for new mums as it’s a gift they can keep forever as a reminder of this special time in their lives.  

Choose a timeless gift like a necklace and earring set or opt for pieces that use coloured stones so you can choose the one that matches the baby’s birthstone. We’d recommend stud earrings over hoops as they’re far more baby proof!  

Hair accessories  

Whether it’s to avoid baby pulling their hair or to disguise a head of unwashed locks, a new mum is always in need of a hair tie. Luckily, there are so many cute headbands, hair wraps and scrunchie scarfs on the market that you can help her rock the updo in style.  

Whilst style is important, look out for non-slip designs and wire supported bands so she can look fab with minimal effort.  

Gift Cards  

From the moment they broke the good news to the baby shower and then the birth, new parents are showered with gifts from loved ones. Which is why they can be so hard to buy for as you don’t know what they have and don’t have. Enter the gift card. They might not usually be your go to present idea but they’re ideal for new mums who already have 20 new pairs of fluffy slippers. Whether they’re a foodie or a spa queen, tech fiend or jewellery addict, you’re sure to find a gift card that will suit them.