5 Festive Fashion Ideas for You to Try This Christmas

With Christmas on the horizon, it's time to ditch the loungewear and start planning some spectacular outfits that will add a bit of sparkle to the end of 2020. Because whilst office parties and festive nights are off the cards this year, those winter walks and family dinners are still the perfect excuse to dress up and rock the festive season like a true snow queen. Get ready to crack the prosecco and be inspired by our five favourite looks.

Sequin Everything

Nothing says Christmas like sparkles. Whether it’s a top, skirt, dress or cardigan, a sequin covered outfit is sure to lift your spirts and make you feel like a glamourous fairy spreading Christmas cheer.

The beauty of sequins is that you can choose a colour that suits your style. Rock chicks might want to opt for black sparkles that have a touch of midnight drama whilst silver and gold shimmers are perfect for anyone wanting a timeless allure. To avoid bling overload, pair your sequins with simplistic jewellery such as a pair of classic stud earrings.

Retro Christmas Jumpers

If the words ‘Christmas jumper’ conjure up images of poor-quality fabrics and mass-produced designs, hear us out. There are plenty of alternatives that will convert you to this festive favourite.

One option is to check out your local charity shop in search of a vintage classic. Look out for 90s prints, Nordic patterns or 80s embroidery. Not only is a retro Christmas jumper sure to score you some serious cool points with your hipster friends, you’ll also be investing in the type of sustainable clothing that women’s fashion needs more of in 2021.

Christmas Themed Accessories

If Christmas jumpers aren’t really your thing but you still want to show your love for the holiday season, why not incorporate some subtle festive accessories into your look?

Think festive scrunchies and clip-in bows as well as some key pieces of jewellery like our tasteful Christmas themed hypoallergenic studs. These allergy free earrings are perfect for anyone with sensitive ears but are more suited to child sized lobes.

Velvet maxi-dresses

Like sequins, velvet has been the go-to fabric for our party outfits for a while now – but we’re still totally obsessed with this super-soft beauty!

Whilst we love every variation of this opulent material, winter 2020 is definitely the year of the velvet maxi-dress. We’re talking deep reds, sumptuous greens and mystic blues with the option of a plunging neckline or sexy side leg split. For a less risqué look that won’t make your in-laws blush, try opting for a long sleeve maxi-dress with a cute tie-neck. Accessorise with gold hoops and a choker necklace to maximise the glamour.

Matching family pyjamas

Christmas eve is arguably the most magical part of the festive season, especially if you have young children. It’s an evening full of wonderful expectation and classic traditions. Over the last couple of years, a new custom has joined leaving out mince pies for Santa – wearing matching family pajamas! Yes, they’re a little bit ridiculous but Christmas is all about laughter and making those all-important family memories.