4 Self-Care Tips For a Stress-Free Christmas

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration. However, with endless to-do-lists and social obligations, the festive period can also be incredibly overwhelming.  

If this sounds familiar, then it’s important to remember you’re not alone. Many of us report feeling stressed or even exhausted at this time of year. With that in mind, here’s 4 self-care tips that will help you enjoy the Christmas period as much as possible.  

Find Time to Get Outside. 

Even in normal years, the days between boxing day and New Year can become a bit of a blur. After all, there’s only so many left-over turkey sandwiches and Christmas films a person can take before they start to feel restless! And with even less to occupy us this year, it’s important to find ways to avoid feeling cooped up or your mood is likely to suffer.  

Getting outside for a brisk winter walk is an ideal solution. Even when its cold outside, nature has a way of relaxing us in a way that's hard to beat. So, wrap up warm and treat yourself to a stroll through the local woods or park. And don’t forget to show off your new festive knitwear in the process!  

Don’t Stretch Yourself Too Thin.  

We’ve only got a few days to fit in seeing family and friends this year so it’s likely you’re going to feel a little frazzled. But take a breath and remember that there’s nothing wrong with spreading out your celebrations rather than trying to do it all on the big day.  

If you’d rather have a quite one this year, why not delay travelling to visit family and friends until the New Year when restrictions may have eased? That way you can spend it with your immediate family without any added stress. You might just find that they’re grateful for the suggestion themselves!  

Tell Yourself You’re Worth It  

When we put pressure on ourselves to make Christmas magical for other people, we can forget to enjoy it ourselves. Make sure you find time to tell yourself you deserve being made a fuss of too.  

If you’re surprised with an expensive gift, like a designer handbag or crystal stud earrings, don’t start to worry that you should have spent more yourself. Just know that everything you do is appreciated and you deserve to be spoilt.  

Take a Break from Social Media.  

Put down you phone and close your laptop on Christmas day. Not only will this allow you to connect properly with your family, you’ll also avoid all those humblebrags appearing in your newsfeed.  

So what if someone on your friend list managed to get hold of the last games console in the shop or filled their entire living room with gifts? Everyone does Christmas in their own way and now's not the time for unnecessary comparisons. You never know, you might just like the cyber detox so much it becomes part of your New Year's resolution.  

No matter what you’re doing this Christmas, the most important thing to remember is to find time to pause and enjoy it. You deserve it.