Stylish Halloween Costumes You Can Make From Your Wardrobe

From cancelled summer holidays to postponed weddings, 2020 has put a stop to a lot of our fun this year. And with things still looking very uncertain, there’s only one thing that die-hard fans of spooky season want to know: what will Halloween look like this year?  

Sadly, the idea of going door to door and sticking your hand in a communal bowl of sweets is likely to turn even the most unflinching witch greener than usual. But that doesn't mean we have to give up on Halloween altogether. With a few spooky films and plenty of sweets, the kids will still have just as much fun dressing at home. And whilst you might not want to invest in an elaborate costume yourself, you can still get into the spirit of things with these quick and easy dressing up ideas.  

Audrey Hepburn  

This is a last-minute classic that requires minimum effort but has maximum effect. All you need to complete Audrey Hepburn’s iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s look is a little black dress and some key accessories. A pearl necklace (or faux pearl for those us without a Holly Golightly lifestyle) is an absolute must as is a pair of sparkly crystal or clear stone stud earrings. Then all you need to do is pin your hair up with a hairpin and you’re all set! 

Wednesday Adams 

Do you have the little black dress but none of the accessories for the previous costume? No problem. Wear a white collared shirt underneath the dress, pull on some black socks and put your hair into a pair of plaits to look like everyone’s favourite goth. Just be careful not to smile. Ever.  

Cher from Clueless  

This is another suggestion that channels a famous film character and, thanks to fashion’s ongoing love for everything 90’s, you might just find that you have everything you need in your wardrobe already. For the basic look, all you need is a plain white tee tucked into a yellow checked skirt. But if you want to go all out like the style queen herself, you’re going to want to team the skirt with a yellow blazer or cardigan. Cancel Halloween? Ugh! As If!  

Post-Make Over Sandy from Greece 

Whilst innocent Sandy is a difficult look to pull off (unless you have a 1950s circle skirt hidden in the back of your wardrobe) bad girl sandy is perhaps one of the easiest costumes to recreate on this list. All you need is a black off the shoulder T-shirt tucked into a black pair of skinny jeans or leggings. Tie it altogether with a black belt and leather jacket and you've got a seriously fierce costume. 


Team Halloween Colours Together  

Dressing up in a costume isn’t for everyone but there are other ways you can show your love for the spookiest day of the year. Dig out your favourite autumnal pieces (think blacks, burnt oranges and a touch of green) and put together a Halloween look all of your own.  

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