Jewellery You Can Wear Whatever The Weather

From the dazzling colours of the falling leaves to being able to wrap up warm in cosy jumpers, there are many reasons to celebrate the arrival Autumn. But when we’re snuggled up in scarves and reaching for our gloves on those woodland walks, can we still show off some of our favourite jewellery pieces?

We say yes! There are still plenty of ways you can use accessories to show off your personal style in the colder months. But you'll need to think a little more carefully about both the style and the material of your jewellery to suit the season.

Here are a few handy suggestions for jewellery you can wear whatever the weather.  

Stud earrings and cuffs  

When the temperature drops, it’s only natural that you’re going to want to layer up with your outfit choices. But when you’re pulling on jumpers and wrapping round scarves, you need to make sure that your earrings aren’t going to snag every time you add or remove an item of clothing.  

Avoid anything with a drop and instead opt for feature stud earrings that won’t catch on your clothes. Go for a statement shape that draws the eye or team studs with an ear cuff that sits higher up for a really on-trend look. 

Go for stainless steel jewellery over sterling silver 

Although there are many reasons to love Autumn, it’s also capable of throwing us a few curve balls (pumpkin spiced hand sanitiser anyone?). Not least of which is the fact that there’s a much higher chance of unpredictable rain. And it’s a relatively little-known fact that wet weather can play havoc with certain types of jewellery – particularly silver.  

The properties of silver make it highly prone to oxidization which is why it can look dull and dirty after just a few months of wear. Exposing your silver jewellery to any type of water will speed up this process so it’s best to leave it in the box it if it’s forecast to rain.  

Instead, opt for stainless steel jewellery as it’s water resistant and will retain its brightness whatever the weather. The quality of its alloy means that stainless steel never will never rust or tarnish and it’s also resistant to perspiration so you don’t need to worry about spoiling its finish if you build up a sweat on those autumnal walks.

All our jewellery is made from high grade surgical steel or titanium which are some of the most hypoallergenic metals on the market. So even those with sensitive ears can show off their style this Autumn with some key pieces of hypoallergenic jewellery. 

Make a statement with one big ring  

We love a good stackable ring here at Solace but they’re sadly not the best choice when the weather is cooler. Because they’re so delicate and light, you run the risk of losing them if you start taking gloves on and off your hands regularly.  

A large, sturdy statement ring is a safer choice as you’re much more likely to notice if it's starts to move down your finger. Similarly, you don't need to worry about wedding rings as the robust band should make sure they remain in place even if you do choose to wear gloves.

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