5 Key Autumn Trends You Need to Know About

There’s no shame in admitting that our summer style was probably lacking this year. With most of us swapping our summer holidays for the sofa, chances are you’ve been reaching for your tracksuit bottoms far more than your cute summer tops and floral skirts.

But fear not. Life has started to regain some resemblance of normality just in time for Autumn. And as always, a new season means a whole set of new trends to get us out of our pandemic -induced funk. And even if the pubs close again, at least you’ll have something new to wear for the zoom family quiz! Here’s our pick of the five hottest new looks.

Red all over

One of the biggest colour trends to hit the Autumn / Winter runway earlier this year was fire engine red. We’re taking bright, bold and daring. If you’re feeling brave, then the only way to truly do this colour trend justice is to drench yourself head to toe in it. Think tailored suits, top and skirt combos, maxi dresses and trench coats.

This trend is not for the faint-hearted but, when done right, it will bring some serious fire to the colder months. Make sure you opt for understated and minimal jewellery to avoid being excessive.

Belted Jackets

Being able to wear stylish layers is one of the best things about Autumn fashion. And when the temperatures drop it’s your coat that is going to be getting the most attention. So, whether you’re thinking of investing in a new one or updating your current coat, look no further than the belted jacket.

Being both a timeless and flattering staple in women’s fashion, it’s no surprise that you’re going to see the belted jacket everywhere this season. Chequered patterns, faux leather and button fronted are the most popular styles this season but you could always add as belt to your existing coat for an instant upgrade.
Chain necklaces teamed with hoop earrings. 

Another timeless combo that is having a resurgence this Autumn is the classic chain and hoop ensemble. You can be as subtle or as daring as you want with this look but true fashionistas will want to go with the more is more approach.

Think edgy T-bar necklaces with chunky twisted or braided hoops. Opting for silver will give the look a punky edge whilst gold will give off a cool 80s vibe.

Cut-out fabrics

If you want to show off a glimpse of skin whilst staying elegant and classy then this look is for you. Dresses, tops and even coats sporting cut away sections were frequently spotted at the A/W designer launches this year. Cut away shoulders and collarbones are the easiest way to rock this look and you can extenuate the later with a simple teardrop necklace.

Throwback jewellery

This biggest jewellery trend this season has got to be nostalgic pieces. We’re talking the type of big beads and bright colours that take you back to your childhood.

This can be a tricky trend for those with sensitive ears as a lot of the earrings in these collections tend to be plastic drops with cheap metal fastenings which can cause irritation. But there are hypoallergenic options too. Go for surgical steel earrings with a bold circular or square drop design. And lookout out for styles inspired by children’s jewellery such as dolphins, daisies and hearts to complete that 90s look.