How To Get Your Partner’s Ring Size Without Them Knowing

Whether you’re wanting to buy your partner a ring as a gift or thinking of popping the question, nothing spoils the surprise more than having to ask for their ring size. But fear not. Here are three ingenious way to get an accurate measurement without them knowing.  

Enlist the help of their friends and family.  

Your first point of call for finding out your partner’s ring size should be asking their friends and family. You might get lucky and find that one of them has purchased your partner a ring before and can simply tell you their size.  

If not, ask them to take your significant other shopping and ‘coincidentally’ pop into a few jewellery shops under the guise of wanting to buy something for themselves. Once in the shop, they should encourage your partner to try on rings with them before sneakily passing their size back to you.  

Pretend you’re buying a ring for someone else  

With a little foreplaning, this is a surefire way to ask for your partner's exact ring size without making them suspicious. Wait until it’s someone else's birthday (like a close friend or family member), and pretend that you want to buy them a ring for the occasion. Make sure that you choose a fake recipient who has hands that are a similar size to your partner’s so you’ve got an excuse to ask your significant other for their ring size as a ‘reference’. 

This is a great option if you’re planning to propose to your partner and have some time to play with until the perfect opportunity arises. But it will only really work if you haven’t already discussed getting engaged or they are likely to see straight through your ruse. 

To really follow the ploy though, actually purchase a second ring (which doesn’t need to be expensive) and show it to your partner. Make sure they see you wrapping it up so they have no reason to doubt your intentions. Then all that’s left to do is pop the question with the genuine ring as a complete surprise! And the added bonus? You’ve sorted out a birthday present in the process too.  

Stealthily measure a ring they already own 

This method will also measure your partner’s ring size as accurately as possibly but without having to resort to outright deception. Wait until your partner is not around and find a ring that you know they wear a lot (and therefore fits). Then, using a ring sizer, measure the ring and record the size. If you choose this option, make sure you measure a ring that you know your partner wears on a similar sized finger to the one that you’re buying for.  

If you can’t find a ring to measure, or don’t want to risk measuring one that’s the wrong size, you could wait until your partner is asleep and use the ring sizer to measure the correct finger. Be warned though, this won’t be easy if they’re a light sleeper!  

All our titanium rings, including our titanium engagement rings, are made to order to ensure the perfect fit. That’s why you’ll be sent a professional ring sizer in the post once you’ve placed an order.  

Once you’ve got your partner's ring size, all that’s left to do is find the perfect ring. A hypoallergic option should be the first choice for anyone with sensitive skin. Luckily, our range of allergy free jewellery includes some beautiful rings for you to choose from.  You can shop them here