How to style the upscaled loungewear trend

From baking our own bread to PE classes with Joe Wicks, lockdown introduced us to a number of trends when it first came into force back in March. And whilst the idea of making a sourdough starter is now likely to fill you with mild horror, there’s one trend that we’re still fulling embracing as we settle into lockdown 2.0. And that trend is upscaled loungewear.  

If the word ‘loungewear’ conjures up images of ill-fitting leggings and cartoon pyjamas then hear us out. This guide aims to show you that, with the right styles and accessories, loungewear can be both comfy and classy. 


What do we mean by ‘upscaled’ loungewear? 

It’s worth noting straight away that loungewear is not the same as sleepwear. We’re not taking about staying in garish PJ sets all day or going shopping in your nightdress. Instead, your loungewear could be a super-soft tracksuit or knitted co-ord made from robust material perfect for those lazy days (which, let’s face it, is most days at the moment) but still chic enough to show off on zoom.  

The ‘upscaled’ part of this look refers to the trend of pairing your loungewear of choice with some key pieces of jewellery (such as pendants and hoops) to elevate the outfit further. The overall effect is a sophisticated example of women’s fashion rather than a scruffy cop out.  

What styles should you go for? 

Cycling shorts, oversized T-shirts and fitted crop tops were some of the staples of the summer version of the upscaled loungewear trend but, as the nights get darker and the cold sets in, it’s time to start talking about layers.  

Look out for matching sweat sets in luxury fabrics like velour and jersey. Or, for a chic combo, try teaming silk style trousers with a fine knit roll-neck jumper. Oversized jumpers and ribbed fabrics are also popular as are belted cardigans and bootcut leggings.  

In terms of colours, minimalism is the order of the day so think calming caramels and neutral shades. Top the look off with a pair of chunky trainers, edgy sliders or heeled boots.  

How do accessories complete the look? 

The upscaled loungewear trend is not complete without some statement accessories to tie it all together. An understated outfit is brought to life with the addition of some layered necklaces or eye-catching hoops 

Gold is the jewellery colour of choice as it has a vintage quality that suits the look well. Try teaming co-ord sets with a gold choker or chain necklace with a medallion or circular style pendant.  

are perhaps the most important accessory when it comes to the loungewear trend. Especially if you’re wanting to transform a day look into an evening ensemble. Chunky gold hoops and drop earrings work well. As do earrings with additional touches like tortoise shell or leopard print detailing that will help create a real ‘
wow’ factor to an otherwise lowkey style.  

Be careful though, as a lot of people are allergic to actual gold so anyone with sensitive ears will need to find a hypoallergenic alternative. Instead opt for stainless steel jewellery with a gold finish so you can stay on-trend without the irritation.