Why hoop earrings are the ultimate accessory

Jewellery trends come and go but the humble hoop is one accessory that refuses to go out of style. The versatility of hoop earrings has made sure they've remained a feature of runway styles and celebrity looks year on year. But what is it about these circular classics that’s turned them into such a jewellery box staple? Here’s just a few of the reasons why.  

They upstyle any outfit 

Even the simplest outfit suddenly becomes a knockout statement just by adding a pair of hoop earrings. A white t-shirt and jeans combo can go from nondescript to edgy with the addition of geometric or large half hoops. Whilst a little black dress transforms into a dramatic look when paired with chunky or twisted hoops. One of our top style tips is to carry a pair of hoops with you in your bag if there’s ever a change you might need to turn a day look into a party ready outfit at a second's notice!  

Similarly, if you’ve been feeling a little uninspired by your outfit choices recently, try accessorizing some of your old, favourite pieces with a new pair of hoops and the whole look will instantly feel fresh instead of tired.  

There’s a hoop for every occasion 

There are more variations of hoops available than perhaps any other style of earring. Which means you are pretty much guaranteed to find a style that suits any upcoming event that you have in the diary.  

Hoops with additional embellishments like gemstones and pearls frame your face and act as a real focus point alongside an elegant updo hairstyle. For this reason, they can make for striking pieces of bridal jewellery for the more daring bride. Whilst a thin midi-hoop is the perfect way to jazz up an outfit for a lunch date or shopping trip.  

They suit anyone’s style  

Because they come in so many different designs, thickness, and sizes, hoops can be tailored to suit pretty much anyone’s personal look. If you’re someone who prefers understated fashion then small, sleeper hoops will compliment your subtle style well. Whilst those who like to embrace more alternative styles can opt for statement pieces like spiral shapes, standout colours and braided tubes 

All our hoop earrings have the additional benefit of being hypoallergenic so even those with sensitive ears can enjoy these timeless classics without fear of irritation. They really are the ‘everyman’ of the earring world.  

Because hoops are the ultimate accessory, purchasing a pair is a long-term investment as you can be sure that you’ll be reaching for them for years to come. Which is why you want to make sure you choose a material that it going to stand the test of time just as well as the style. Stainless steel jewellery is a good option as it’s water resistant and will retain its brightness without tarnishing over time. But no matter what type of hoop you choose, we’re sure you’ll rock wearing this titan of the earring world.