Your Guide To Christmas Shopping in 2020

2020 will go down in history as one of the craziest and most unsettled years in recent history. And whilst it doesn’t look like we’ll be back to normality any time soon, that doesn’t mean that this Christmas can’t be just as magical as any other year – it might just take a little more planning when it comes to buying gifts.  
Luckily, this handy guide gives you all the tips you need to sleigh the Christmas shopping this year. Because let’s face it, putting a smile on our loved one's faces is more important than ever this December 25th.  

Start Early  
There are two types of people when it comes to Christmas shopping. Those that have everything bought, wrapped and ready to go before Halloween has barely been and gone. And those that prefer to buy everything as part of an adrenaline and mulled wine fuelled dash around the high street on Christmas eve.  
But a word of advice if you’re the latter; that ain’t gonna to cut it this year. Even if shops are allowed to open on December 2nd, social distancing measures and stretched delivery services will make last minute shopping a headache you can do without. As difficult as it may be, we recommend breaking old habits by starting the gift buying process as early as possible. You never know, you might just be converted when you’re sat with your feet up, drinking baileys on Christmas eve.  
Support Small and Family Businesses  
Covid-19 has impacted all our lives this year, but small business and independent retailers have taken the financial hit more than most. Which is why shopping small will make a huge difference this year.  
One option is to look out for restaurants and retailers offering gift cards. Not only do they make the perfect gift for picky friends or relatives, you can also feel good knowing you’ve given your money to someone who’ll appreciate it more than a big corporation.  

Shop Online  
The advantages of shopping online have long outweighed traipsing around the shops but with safety concerns and uncertainty, there’s even more reason to avoid the high street this year.  
Look out for retailers who go the extra mile with their packaging and offer additional services like our gift box and gift notes which allow you to send presents directly to your loved ones. That way you can be sure your presents definitely make it in time for the big day even if we’re not allowed to meet in person.  

Give Them Something They’ll Love  
Does your bestie deserve something special as a thank you for all the emotional support she’s given you this year? Or how about spoiling your mum to thank her for all that help with the homeschooling over lockdown?  
Nothing shows your appreciation like a beautiful and unique piece of jewellery. And you can’t go wrong with a pair of gorgeous Swarovski earrings! Their fabulous stud earrings are available in a range of different colours (some of them very christmassy!) so you can choose your loved one’s favourite for a personalised touch. And best of all, they’re all allergy free so you can even help those with sensitive ears rediscover their love of jewellery this Christmas.