Allergic to earrings? Try this...

Not being able to wear jewellery is a curse that many feel as though they have to suffer. Allergic reactions can happen which can leave your skin red and sore. It’s not a good image when you’re trying to look your best, so here are some ways to wear your jewellery without those worries.

Avoid nickel

Given that is has the appearance of silver, nickel is found on most jewellery in some form. It’s by far the most common allergy and a lot of products that market themselves as silver contain nickel in some respect. A lot of cheap jewellery is made of nickel and therefore should be avoided.

Gold is a good option

If you want to avoid nickel, then real gold is a good option to avoid any allergies. If you're buying any other colour of jewellery then you will need to make sure that it contains 0% nickel, but there are other steps that you could take.

Use nail polish

One option that you do have to protect yourself from irritant metals is to give your jewellery a coating of clear nail polish. This will give it a protective barrier which will then enable you to wear your jewellery in comfort.

Plastic or steel backs

Another way to avoid direct contact with your skin is by using backs which are made out of either plastic or stainless steel. This might impact the look of your jewellery slightly but it will give your skin the separation it needs.

Electroplated jewellery

Electroplated jewellery effectively covers a metal in another substance. Quite often this can be the likes of silver being placed over nickel. Your jewellery will still be affordable, but it means nickel isn’t going to be in direct contact with your skin.

Buy hypoallergenic jewellery

Thankfully, those looking for reassurances about allergies have the option of buying jewellery that is specifically designed for them. These avoid any issues and you will be able to buy in confidence without having to worry about any irritation. Whether you want hypoallergenic earrings, bracelets or necklaces, check out our amazing range today.