This type of earring will never go out of fashion, here's why

Why studs will never go out of fashion

Fashions for earrings come and go with every season: enormous hoops, as seen on the Kardashians; long, extravagant pieces made with feathers that come down to touch your shoulders; bold, bright, look-at-me earrings that only the brave dare to wear.

But the humble stud has always been there through it all and, unlike many of its more ostentatious relations, it will never go out of style. The stud is an unashamed declaration of strength and self-confidence, a statement that the wearer has a life to live and adventures to enjoy, unencumbered and unrestricted. Studs make a statement of independence, but without compromising on beauty.

Studs are the first earrings that most of us ever wear. Once the piercing gun has inserted them, the last thing our poor, tender lobes want is for our shiny new accessories to catch on our clothes, or to be pulled when we are asleep.

Stud earrings are absolutely practical and unobtrusive, perfect for those of us with a more functional approach to fashion and beauty; and yet they are also pretty, and able to pull together any outfit. A discreet plain silver or gold stud with smart workwear provides understated elegance and professionalism. For evening glamour, our range of studs featuring Swarovski Elements crystals will add glitter and sparkle. Even if you are bungee jumping, or just walking the dog in the woods, a pretty stud will lift your look without getting in the way or hampering your active lifestyle!

Of course, if you are one of the 10% of people who are allergic to certain metals, then finding earrings of any style that don’t give you sore ears is difficult. At Solace Jewellery we stock hypoallergenic earrings which are beautiful, stylish, and comfortable to wear. We believe that everybody should be able to look and feel great, with high-quality products, super customer service, and fast delivery, all at an affordable price.

Just as studs give you independence of movement without compromising on style, so Solace Jewellery gives you the jewellery you want, free from the restrictions of allergies.