Three easy pieces to include in your jewellery wardrobe

In terms of size, jewellery constitutes only a small part of your overall look, but it’s not something that you should overlook. After all, you may need statement earrings and an amazing necklace to transform the appearance of your favourite black dress. So as you curate a collection of jewellery for your wardrobe, take note of three pieces that you shouldn’t miss.

Double drop earrings

Perfect stud earrings are quite alluring, but double drop earrings or ornaments in diamond offer you a sparkly, swingy look at any time of the day. Double drops featuring a static stone attached to a dangling wire mechanism provide more movement than a stud fixed to your ear.

Depending on your taste, you’ll commonly find double drop earrings as diamond stones, but keep an eye out for rubies, emeralds and more - the simplicity and elegance of this design means you can have almost any show-stopping gemstone in place and the look will work. If you're unsure about which stone to choose, consider your interests - what's your birthstone, for example? Why not wear double drop earrings with a stone symbolic to you?

A diamond bracelet

If there is something that a woman must never miss in her jewellery collection, it’s a diamond bracelet. Choosing a perfect style that suits you depends on the other bracelets you wear. However, diamond bangles or diamond tennis bracelets in a range of diamond cuts can be arranged with other diamond bracelets of different textural styles to give a statement piece. Alternatively, you can wear the diamond bracelets alone for an elegant look.

A statement chain

With a statement chain, you can hang one or more talismans or medallions to create a statement piece, or even wear it alone. The collection of chains ranges from vintage to modern, but choose one that exudes presence over one that overpowers you.

With a statement chain, you can easily add personality and interest to your favourite outfit. Any antique or contemporary ornament will infuse glamour to any of your staple wardrobe items, ensuring that your style stays relevant.

Solace Jewellery can help you select all three of these jewellery wardrobe must-haves. Why not get in touch with us today to discuss what you're looking for?