July & August Edition

As usual it’s been a whirlwind few months at Solace HQ and unfortunately last months blog didn’t get written, apologies!

So, what’s been happening, and why is it always so busy?!

Well, most of you know that we are a small business, run by myself Dan & my wife Lindsay. We were due to get married back in April 2020 but obviously that was postponed and we managed to have a small wedding in August to finally tie the knot. 

Obviously we still wanted to celebrate our wedding with our family and friends so we were anxiously following the restrictions coming into July when we planned to have the full “party.”

It all went ahead, and we had an amazing time. But, as usual it didn’t go without its difficulties!

As you know, we support Sands Charity, who help bereaved parents and and working to reduce the amount of babies who sadly pass away. This is a charity close to our hearts, as sadly we have had a number of failed pregnancies and just 2 days before the celebration Lindsay was taken into hospital for emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy.

Sands is an amazing charity and as a midwife Lindsay has seen how amazing and important this type of care is for bereaved parents. We donate 10% of our profits, and run fundraising events to raise awareness and funds for this amazing charity. 

Like most businesses recently, we have had our ups and downs and it has been very difficult to source and forecast how much stock we will need for the up coming months. We found ourself full to the brim and decided to run an amazing summer sale to bring you your favourite jewellery at a discounted price, and raise cash so that we could re-invest it in a whole new range next year.

We were amazed at the level of support from our amazing customers and found ourselves packing late into the night and weekends to catch up, an amazing response and we are so grateful for every single one of our customers.

Now, I need to mention the dreaded C word. Christmas. 

Last year we were working out of our garage, trying to keep our team safe and secure, and keep the orders going out on time.

This year we have a lovely office, a bigger team and I am excited to share that Lindsay will be leaving her midwifery job to join Solace part time, and we have taken on another part time picker and packer to keep up with the increased demand over the Christmas period and looking ahead to next year.

Our gifting options are a fab addition to the website and we are super proud that people will be gifting our jewellery this year, and it finally has the packaging it deserves!

A huge thank you to every single one of you that has read this blog, supported our business, donated to charity, and sent us such lovely messages of support.

We will continue to improve our product and service, and strive to help everyone look and feel great!