Welcome to the second ever blog straight from Solace HQ, explaining what we've been up to and what's to come.

It's been one of the craziest months since Solace began in 2015, with lots of exciting things happening. We've taken on 2 new amazing team members, Nina and Mia, who you might have seen on our Instagram reel showing off their fave earrings.

Nina has worked in the jewellery industry for 15 years, so we were very excited when she agreed to join the team. Nina is going to be responsible for the designs and range going forward and she has already come up with tons of great ideas, so expect to see lots of amazing new lines coming up in the coming months.

Mia has joined us straight from uni, and it's safe to say when she isn't around the office is much quieter! Super bubbly and responsible for the marketing, you will see a lot more behind the scenes footage popping up on our social pages now that she is on board, we really want you to feel part of our journey. So make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @solacejewellery.

In other HUGE news, our re-brand has finally launched!!! In honesty it was much harder than I had anticipated, and there have been a lot of sleepless nights thinking about boxes, something I never thought I would have been worrying about back in my finance days! 

Thanks to the team we managed to pull it all together, and I am really proud of the result. Our logo, packaging, emails, social and everything in between finally look and feel like the brand we have worked so hard to become. 

All of that is great, but, the main reason we wanted to do the re-brand is so that you, the customer, felt special when unboxing your new jewellery. And, to feel like when you are gifting it to someone else, you were proud to hand over the present.

We would love to hear how we have done, so please let us know in your reviews and on social media!

You might have noticed our gift box option has disappeared. Unfortunately these have been delayed and we are expecting them at the start of July, but we didn't want to hold off on the launch just because of this. Here's a sneak peak of what they will look like when they do finally arrive!

And finally, as if we didn't have enough news, we launched a completely new business under the Solace brand, Solace Beauty. The home of all natural beauty for sensitive skin. Having spoken to a lot of customers with metal allergies and sensitive skin, it was obvious that other skin problems are directly linked to not being able to wear jewellery comfortably.

That's why, for the last few months I have been scouting the best beauty brands for sensitive skin. To bring you tried and tested skincare products that will work for you.

I know how hard it is to find skincare solutions that work, and under the same 100% happiness guarantee as Solace Jewellery, I wanted to give you somewhere to shop all of your skincare products in one place, safe in the knowledge that it really does work.

From makeup to hand cream, the brands we work with are fab. Award winning, pioneers of the industry, and stocked in some of the most well know retailers, and all available to shop in one place, with only one delivery charge. If you would like to see our range, here's the link: www.solacebeauty.co.uk

All the best,