Your Guide to Bridal Jewellery

Wedding season 2021 is set to be one of the busiest on record. After over a year of postponements, rescheduled dates and lockdown engagements, it finally looks like we’re on track for larger celebrations this summer. Possibly as early as June! Or perhaps you’re one of the many happy couples who are choosing to tie the knot in intimate services already. Either way, there’s suddenly a lot to think about! But when it comes to choosing your bridal jewellery, we've got you covered. This ultimate guide is packed with tips to ensure you shine bright like a diamond on your big day.   


Make Sure Your Jewellery Matches Your Dress  

Making sure you choose jewellery that compliments rather than clashes with your wedding dress is rule number one. It might sound obvious but it’s a trap you could fall into if you haven’t yet committed to a gown.   

Once you have said yes to the dress, it’s neckline and colour are the two main things you need to consider when choosing your jewellery. Statement necklaces look great with strapless or plunging necklines but would look far too busy with a high-necked dress. You might want to consider some showstopping earrings with this style instead.   

Gold coloured jewellery teams well with champagne and ivory dresses, but silver shades are better suited for white. Whichever you go for, it’s best to stick to one colour rather than mixing and matching pieces.   

Make Sure You’ve Considered Your Hairstyle   

Your hairstyle is another important feature of your final bridal look. It will also determine what earrings will look best on the big day. If you’re going for a chic updo, you can go for bolder choices like hoops and drop earrings. But sparkly stud earrings are a safe choice if you’re already making a statement with your hair or hair accessories. In this case, our bridal collection has lots of affordable and allergy free cubic zirconia studs for you to choose from. 

Be Yourself   

Whilst it’s true that less is usually more when it comes to bridal jewellery, you should never compromise on your personal style for the sake of tradition. Choosing jewellery that you would never normally wear because you feel obliged to wear something conventional is only going to make you feel uncomfortable when it’s time to walk down the aisle. So long as you think about how pieces will balance with your overall look, we say go for it!

It might be that you want to switch out the traditional icy sparkle of diamonds or CZ with coloured stones that have a symbolic meaning. Or perhaps you want to match the colour scheme of your wedding. In which case, our range of Swarovski crystal hypoallergenic earrings are available in a variety of hues. Perfect for those after something a little different or wanting to add a personalised touch. And for rock n’ roll brides, our gorgeous cartilage studs still have that all important glam factor.