5 Ways to Celebrate National Children’s Day UK

Children’s day was first established by the UN to promote the right to a happy and healthy childhood. It’s a day where we listen to the voices of young people, fight for their futures and generally celebrate the joy of being young. But whilst most countries mark Children’s Day in November, those behind NCDUK made the wise decision to switch the day to the beginning of summer so that young people can get outside and enjoy themselves on this special occasion.  

Our family is at the heart of everything we do here at Solace so we’ll definitely be getting involved on the 16th May. Here are some simple ways you can too.


Get Your Little Ones Moving 

Sport and physical activity are important for both a child’s physical and mental wellbeing. So why not celebrate Children’s Day UK with a family sports day or team building activity? It could be anything from swimming to football, tug of war to a water fight! Not only will you be promoting a healthy lifestyle, you’ll be making lots of priceless memories too. 

Get Creative  

Activities that stimulate the imagination have been proven to support emotional growth. Things like reading, painting, messy play and crafting all help children understand the world around them and create new possibilities by solving problems. Something which could just make them a leader of tomorrow! Have a go at your own arty activity as a family and tag your photos with #NCDUK2021. 

Listen To What Matters to Them  

Even for adults, the pandemic has been scary at times. But it has been especially frightening for children who have gone from seeing their friends every day to being stuck at home. Not to mention them worrying about their loved ones getting ill. That’s why listening to the voices of young people is the official theme of National Children's Day 2021. The NCDUK website has prompt questions such as “what have you learnt about the importance of family?” that children can respond to through words, pictures or even videos.  

Support Their Interests  

It’s important that children feel encouraged and supported early in life so they aren’t afraid to pursue what makes them happy as they grow up. Which is why you might want to use Children’s Day UK to show that you value your children’s interests. It could be something simple like watching a programme about their favourite hobby. Or something more extravagant like booking them the drum lesson they’ve always wanted! For a more permanent reminder to follow their dreams, we have a cute selection of novelty stud earrings in shapes like musical notes and horses that would make a sweet gift on the day.  

Create a Time Capsule  

What better way to capture and preserve the magic of childhood than by creating a time capsule? They’re super easy to make. All you need is a container with a lid (it could be a shoebox, plastic container or a jar). Then get your little one to fill it with anything and everything that will help them remember the year 2021. They could include photographs, magazine cuttings, a letter to their future selves, small mementos, the possibilities are endless! Then hide it away and look forward to the day when you can rediscover it together.