Why We Love Ear Climber Earrings 

From the catwalk to the red carpet, ear climber earrings have remained a firm favourite with celebs and fashionistas for several seasons. And it’s not hard to see why. As the edgier, more rebellious cousin to classic stud earrings, they come with all the ease and simplicity that studs afford but with an altogether more dramatic look. And that’s just one reason we love ‘em. Here’s a few more!  

You Can Look Like a Rockstar Without The Commitment  

If you’ve always dreamed of having multiple ear piercings but have never quite been able to take the plunge, earring climber earrings are for you. The whole point of the ear climber is that the design flows up to fully cover the lobe for a high-impact look. And luckily you only need a single lobe piercing to pull them off. Which makes them the perfect earrings for a weekend rock chick who doesn’t want to put up with raised eyebrows from her boss on Monday.  

There’s An Ear Climber For Everyone  

Whilst all ear climbers are designed to be bold and standout, they do still come in plenty of different designs and variations to suit your taste. Punkrock princesses will love our star or ball climbers. Both of which are chunky enough for anyone looking to create a real “wow” factor with their style. 


Those looking for something ultramodern and chic will love the simplicity of our bar ear climber earrings. With a slightly more sophisticated feel, these are a great choice for formal occasions. Their slim, understated design also makes them the perfect gift for climber newbies.  

And for something a little cuter and more feminine, there’s our curved heart ear climbers too. But whichever you choose, you can be sure that all of our ear climber earrings are made from hypoallergenic stainless steel which makes them ideal for those with sensitive ears.  

You Can Mix and Match  

If you already have multiple piercings, why not pair a climber with a contrasting stud to add even more interest to your lobe? Or if you’re a fan of the motto “more is more,” climbers also look fab when teamed with an equally edgy ear cuff.  We’ve got single star cuffs and single ball cuffs which will appeal to your inner rock goddess when paired with their matching climber counterparts. Then for the really adventurous, there’s all the fun you can have by mixing and matching your climbers with cartilage piercings! We’re especially fans of sporting ear climbers with helix piercings that sit on the upper rim of your ear. That way it looks like a semi-circle around your ear.  

Another trend loved by celebs, is wearing a single ear climber in one lobe and either leaving the other lobe empty or contrasting it with a complimentary stud or huggie hoops. The opportunities really are endless!