Why should you buy stainless steel jewellery?

Being sensitive to certain metals doesn’t mean that that you have to limit yourself to a smaller variety of jewellery. Becoming an increasingly popular choice for jewellery, stainless steel is a brilliant material with a lustrous silver finish.

Here are some key reasons why you should choose stainless steel as the material of choice for your next piece of jewellery:

1) It’s versatile

Able to be crafted into a multitude of versatile designs as a result of years of expertise and research, stainless steel can be crafted in a wide variety of ways, even though it is known for its toughness.

Whether you’re after a classical-looking design, or even something more modern and contemporary, the versatile nature of stainless steel makes it the perfect material for crafting unique jewellery in a wide variety of styles suited to your individual preference.

2) It’s durable and strong

This material is used in a wide variety of practices, including, but certainly not limited to, kitchenware, mechanics and even tools too. This means that this durable and strong material is perfect for long-lasting wear.

Stainless steel retains its lustre even after regular use too, so it is a fantastic metal to craft beautiful jewellery from.

3) It’s hypoallergenic

Usually, a combination of different alloys is the reason for many individuals' metal sensitivity as well as contact dermatitis. However, metals like stainless steel are known for their hypoallergenic qualities.

There are so many different styles of stainless steel jewellery that are available in a wide variety of surgical grades which are perfect for metal allergy sufferers.

4) It’s easy to care for

When barrel polished, this gorgeous shimmering material is long-lasting and requires minimal cleaning for the metal to shine. This means that this wonderful material is also perfect for regular use, bringing that little bit of extra glamour into your everyday life.

In the end, whether you have a sensitivity to different types of metal or not, stainless steel should definitely be one of your first choices of material for your next piece of jewellery as it is a beautiful, tough and long-lasting material which is perfect for crafting jewellery from.