New decade, new you? Here's 4 ways to feel better without a crash diet.

As January approaches, we all start to panic. If you're staring at yourself in the mirror, worried that you haven't measured up to your expectations, relax. Don't go crazy with New Year's resolutions. Instead, follow these methods to benefit from a more positive outlook in 2020.

1) Forget the drastic diets

January is not the time to throw out every carb in your cupboards and start with a wacky new fad diet. If you want to make healthy changes to your eating, make them gradually - they're more likely to stick that way. Give yourself a little challenge each week, and frame things positively. Don't force yourself to eat healthy food that you don't like. Instead, look for nutritious ingredients and preparations that you enjoy.

2) Find your own style

Forget what the fashion models on Instagram are wearing. Trends come and go, but when you find your own style, it's timeless. That could be super casual, with jeans and a top accessorised with a funky pair of big hoop earrings. Looking for something more classic? Go with tailored options like a pencil skirt and blouse, with a discreet pair of studs in your earlobes. When you're not trying to compare yourself with celebrities, you'll feel so much better.

3) Look for the exercise you love

Tempted to join a body blitz boot camp on the 1st of January? Take a step back, and think about what you enjoy. Sport is essential to our health - both physical and mental - but there are thousands of options available: team sports, individual activities, indoors, outdoors, on the might take you a bit of trial and error, but when you find the sport you love, going to the gym won't feel like a chore.

4) Treat yourself in a healthy way

If you tend to celebrate with a giant tub of ice cream, you may end up feeling even worse. Get out of the "food as a treat" mentality - it will make you feel guilty when you indulge. Instead, look for other ways to treat yourself when you deserve it. Book a spa day, go out to a comedy night or indulge in buying yourself some special jewellery that you can wear every day and feel fabulous.