What to wear in Spring

Spring is the season where you often go for a lighter look, especially when it comes to jewellery. So ditch the scarves and gloves because the airy spring outfits are here to stay and you'll need jewellery to match. Down below are a few tips and ideas on what jewellery to wear this spring.

Statement hoops

When worn correctly, statement hoops can be a conversation starter and give your outfit that spring look you're after. Hexagon hoops are beautiful and are an interesting shape which can complement your look, from casual jeans to a spring garden party.


The beauty of wearing charm jewellery is that you can make it entirely your own. If you want to wear a ring on a simple chain, go for it as it can add a touch of sophistication to your outfit but still have the casual spring look. You don't have to keep to charmed necklaces either. Why not try wearing charms on earrings or bracelets to take your look to the next level?


The delicate anklet is perfect for wearing in spring as the weather gets warm enough for you to wear sandals, meaning your anklet will be on show. Avoid the chunky styles, and instead, go for something light and dainty so you don't overshadow your pedicure and footwear.


What's spring without flowers? By adding some flower jewellery to your outfit you'll add a touch of spring to your day and luckily for you, they're pretty easy to find. For daytime wear, dainty flower pieces will complement your clothes while chunkier accessories will be perfect for a night out.


The key to wearing pearls is to avoid them from looking dated. A classic stud will give your outfit that touch of elegance if you choose pieces which look opulent, or if you like the appeal of a strand, add a modern twist on it by layering them.

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