5 tips for wearing pearl's

Pearls are elegant, timeless and should definitely be part of your jewellery collection. Every year we see them in fashion shows, and they always make a stylish statement. Here are some tips on how to wear pearl jewellery.

1. Drop pearl earrings

Gone are the days where pearl earrings only represent the shy and innocent. Chandelier pearl earrings can be both alluring and sexy while still maintaining that look of class. Pearl earrings that caress the shoulder will make you look and feel glamorous, and capture the attention of everyone in the room.

2. More is sometimes better

Donning multiple strands of pearl necklaces at one time is a definitely on trend. You can go from innocent and modest to daring and dangerous by just layering pearls. There's nothing sassier than a waterfall of pearls swaying over skin as you sport a back-out or low-cut dress. The trick is to mix it up, so use different pearl sizes and strand lengths for a more dramatic effect.

3. Go colourful

Traditionally, when we think of pearls the colour white comes to mind. But nowadays, you can buy pearls that come in some fabulous subtle pastel shades, ranging from plum to peach. Wear them as studs to add a pop of colour to your outfit or clasp them together for a stunning layered necklace.

4. Lariat pearl necklaces

What type of necklace is a pearl lariat? It's a necklace that can 'open' so it's usually worn like a scarf. These trendy pearl necklaces add a touch of elegance to any outfit, from long pearl strands that can be tied like a necktie to a single pearl lariat necklace, there's bound to be a style for you.

5. Pearls on dresses

Pearls have the ability to make your dress look elegant yet dazzling. Dresses adorned with pearls can make you feel pampered, but try to wear a dress that will contrast the pearls so they stand out more.

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