Stacking Blog 1/2 - Q&A

Layering necklaces is quite an easy thing to do, however, wearing multiple earrings requires that extra little bit of dedication and know-how. If you're thinking of getting it done and/or have any unanswered questions, here are a few tips for you.

Are certain piercings more painful than others?

Pain is subjective and there are many factors which can contribute to the pain experience, for example, the skill of the piercer, quality of the needle or the anxiety level of the client. Cartilage is less vascular than lobe tissue, therefore it will take longer to heal but most people say the sensation is that of getting pinched.

What is the maximum amount of piercings you can have in a single day?

As lobe piercings heal quicker than cartilage, you can have more piercings in the lobe without compromising the healing time of another piercing. If the piercings are close together, the swelling has to be taken into consideration when choosing earrings, so opt for smaller studs/ rings.

How to look after freshly pierced ears

You should never touch your piercings with dirty hands - this rule is extremely important. The regularity of cleaning a non-oral piercing should be twice a day until it's healed. If you over-clean your piercings, it can lead to irritation. We have created a how to guide on our instagram story highlights.

What are the latest multiple earring fashions?

Larger clusters of stones and earrings of an unusual shape filling the conch or rook piercing are a couple of trends to watch out for, and the designs are similar to climber earrings but instead, they have different mechanisms and occupy different areas of the ear instead of the lobe.

How to choose the perfect combination

The perfect combination is achieved by creating an aesthetically pleasing look, but making sure they are comfortable to wear together! Whether your taste is minimalist or more classic, such as hoops and diamonds, take into consideration the angle you want when experimenting with your earrings. A simple stud worn with a tight-fitting hoop, sometimes called a 'huggie', on each lobe is a trending look right now. We have done the hard work for you by putting together some 3 piece and 8 piece sets that compliment each other here.

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