How to style your hair to show off your earrings

A beautiful pair of earrings deserve to take the limelight - but if they're tucked away under flowing locks of hair, this won't happen. Whether you wear delicate stud earrings or bold statement hoops, this essential women's fashion accessory needs to combine well with your chosen hairstyle in order to create the best visual effect. Here are some top tips to follow.

Updo and pixie styles

Wearing your hair in an updo is the perfect opportunity to showcase an eye-catching pair of hoop, dangle or drop earrings. There are a huge range of styles and designs to choose from, even if you require hypoallergenic earrings, so this is the time to go bold and beautiful to allow your earrings to make a statement.

These styles of earrings also work well with short or pixie haircuts.

Bear in mind that if you're wearing your hair off your face, whether tied up in a bun or through a short cut, your hair won't elongate your face. This is where dangle and drop earrings come in to play, giving your face shape and form.

Ponytails and plaits

Ponytails and plaits are popular choices of hairstyles, and the good news is that pretty much anything goes when it comes to earring choice. Often, it depends on the occasion, what you're wearing and the effect you want to create. In particular, teardrop and chandelier earrings are a great choice for those who wear their hair in a ponytail or plait.

Down styles

If you choose to wear your hair down, now isn't the time to opt for hoop or drop styles of earrings. Not only will they fail to be seen, but they could get tangled up in your hair. Instead, plump for simple stud earrings that are practical yet pretty.


Which style of earrings best suit a bob haircut largely depend on the length of your bob. If it's short enough to expose your earlobes, you can easily wear pretty much any style of earring. However, longer bobs that cover the earlobes won't show off a dangle or drop statement pair of earrings to their best potential - unless you keep your hair tucked behind one or both ears.