Our Mother’s Day Gift Buying Guide For Husbands and Partners Everywhere

Mums and mother figures: strategically leave this tab open for your other half. Partners: we’ve got you!

With Mother’s Day 2023 just around the corner, we know there’ll be some partners out there in need of assistance on the gift-buying front. That’s why we’ve put together this carefully curated guide to the dos and don’ts of Mother’s Day gifts.

Thing To Avoid

Before we get into what makes a great Mother’s Day gift, here are a few things you should avoid at all costs.

Unwanted Electronics

Maybe she’s the type of mamma who’d love a new games console or a smart watch but as a general rule you should be wary about buying fancy new gadgets as Mother’s Day gifts. At best it can seem impersonal, but at worst it could look like you’ve bought something you wanted for yourself. 

Domestic Appliances

What’s one of the worst presents you could give someone for Mother’s Day? A vacuum cleaner. In fact, unless she’s been dropping some serious hints about wanting a fancy new coffee maker, back away from the appliances altogether. Not only are they boring but they can be pretty offensive.

A Repeat Gift

Sure she might have loved those fluffy slippers you got her last year. Or that bottle of perfume you got for her birthday. But we can guarantee you won’t get the same reaction if you repeat the gift for a second time around (or the third, or the fourth!). Make sure you go for something new and unique.

No Gift At All

People have different opinions on whether or not partners should buy their wife or girlfriend a gift for mother’s day. But one things for sure: if the kids are too young to do it themselves, you definitely need to be stepping up and helping them celebrate mum. But we’d always recommend getting your partner a gift to show your own appreciation for them as an amazing mother. Especially if you’ll be getting the same treatment on Father’s day!

What Gifts Will She Love For Mother’s Day Instead?

The ideal Mother’s Day gift should be something pampering, personal or pretty. Or the three Ps rule as we like to call it! We’re taking beauty gift boxes, personalised photo frames and of course, jewellery. Here’s our pick of some of our most popular pieces that are perfect for Mother’s Day.

Personalised Pendants

One of the sweetest jewellery gifts for mum is a pendant featuring her child’s birthstone. Check out our full range of bezel set birthstone hypoallergenic necklaces here. Best of all, you can currently add a free initial pendant to every birthstone necklace for Mother’s Day 2023. Meaning you get double the personalistion for the same price! Alternatively, we have two different types of initial pendant necklaces available without the birthstone option in both gold and silver allergy-free stainless steel.

One of Our Beautiful Hypoallergenic Jewellery Sets

From the Coffee Bean Choker Necklace and Bracelet Set to our Royal Trio Hypoallergenic Earring Set, we’ve got plenty of stunning yet affordable gift sets she’s sure to love