Everything You Need to Know About Aquamarine: March’s Birthstone

March’s birthstone is the stunning aquamarine. The bright, brilliant blue colour makes this stone one of the most unique and intriguing precious gems as well as the perfect match for March’s spring skies. Here’s everything you need to know about this season’s must have gem.  

The History of Aquamarine

With its tranquil blue hues, it’s no surprise that aquamarine gets its name from one of nature’s greatest beauties, the sea. In fact, with aqua meaning water and marina meaning the sea, our ancestors pretty much decided to name the stone twice! Which just goes to show how highly they regarded this special gem. 

Much of aquamarine’s history involves the ocean. Roman fishermen, for example, would carry the gem in their pockets believing it could stop them drowning and help with their catch. The Greeks also believed that aquamarine could protect against stormy seas with their ancient mythology describing how the stone was sacred to Poseidon, washed ashore from treasure chests belonging to the sirens. People also believed that aquamarine could end droughts and be used as an antidote to poison. A helpful stone indeed!  

Where is Aquamarine found? 

With this gem being in so high demand, it’s lucky that aquamarine can be found all over the globe. Some of the most abundant deposits can found in African countries such as Madagascar, Zambia, Nigeria and Kenya. As well as Pakistan, Russia and some states in the US, particularly Colorado which named aquamarine its official state gemstone in 1971. But it’s Brazil where you can find the most stones as well as some of the largest aquamarines ever discovered. Some weighing as much as a hundred pounds!  

What Colour is Aquamarine?   

Aquamarine is famous for its clear blue colour although it can also contain some hues of green. The gem is most commonly found as smaller, light blue stones with the more intense, darker colours coming from larger stones.  

What Does Aquamarine Symbolise? 

Aquamarine is thought to have many symbolic properties, many of which are connected to the ideas of calm, clarity and communication. The stone is thought to bring the tranquility of the ocean to the wearer and is recommended for those who have a stressful situation on the horizon, particularly public speaking!  

Similarly, the gem is said to soothe tempers, calm conflict and improve trust and communication between friends and family.  

Aquamarine also has strong links to wedding traditions, often being used as a bride’s “something blue.” There's also the belief that wearing the stone can help strengthen the love in marriages as well as other relationships. 

How Expensive is Aquamarine? 

As with most gemstones, the value of aquamarine depends on its colour and size. Lighter stones tend to be smaller and more readily available so come with a smaller price tag. Whilst those with a deep, intense blue colour will set you back considerably more.  

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