Fun Ways To Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with The Family This Weekend

Today is St Patrick’s Day! Where people all over the world will be getting together to celebrate Irish culture and have fun with family and friends. So whether you’re a Patrick’s Day novice or a true Celt, we’ve rounded up some creative ideas to inspire you this weekend. 

1. Get Dressed Up

It goes without saying that wearing green is an absolute must on St Patrick’s day weekend. But why not get the family to go all out? Let the kids embrace their inner leprechaun and bust out some festive headwear. Our Fern Green Swarovski Crystal Hypoallergenic Earrings will top off any outfit nicely.

2. Get Stuck in to Some St. Patrick's Day Crafts

Have a fun-filled afternoon with the family with some St Patrick’s Day inspired makes. It could be something simple like painting good luck symbols onto pretty rocks. Or something more ambitious like a DIY St Patrick’s day wreath.

3.. Have a St Patrick’s Day Drink

For many of us, St Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be the same without a good old pint of Guinness. But there are plenty of non-alcoholic options out there for the whole family to enjoy. A quick search will give you some delicious (and kid-friendly) drinks recipes that are just as festive as the black stuff. Think a thirst-quenching green limeade or an energising green smoothie.

4. Get Outside and Search for Four-Leaf Clovers

Believed to be a symbol of good luck for centuries, four-leaf clovers are the ultimate needle in a haystack find. Get out in search of your own this weekend by visiting a local green space. But don’t worry if lucks not on your side this time, our 4 leaf clover hypoallergenic stud earrings will always do the trick instead!

5. Celebrate Ireland and Irish Culture.

Settle in for the evening with a film night of all your favourite Irish movies. You can find a whole list of family friendly options here. Alternatively, make a playlist of Irish musicians and bands and lead your little ones in a festive jig! You could even take a virtual weekend break to Ireland itself thanks to a virtual tour. From coastline explorations to city centre tours, you can get to know the magical Isle as if you were really there!

6. Bake a Loaf of Irish Soda Bread

Irish Soda Bread is one if the quickest and most straight-forward types of bread you can make. You don’t need to allow any time for rising and you can use that store cupboard staple, baking soda, instead of yeast. So there’s no excuses not to give it a go with the family this weekend!

5. Make Use of Our Flash Sale

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