Our Guide to Treating Yourself

It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day this week! But we’re not focusing on ways you can brighten other people’s day in this week’s blog (although if you do want some handy suggestions for spontaneous act of loveliness, check out our blog from last year). But don’t worry, we’ve not gone all heartless. We just think that after the last couple of years, Random Act of Kindness Day might be best spent being kind to ourselves instead. Which isn’t often easy we know! It can be hard not to feel guilty when we put ourselves first but we’re here to explain why it’s so important.  

It Can Make You Happy

Trying to find the right balance between working, seeing your friends, spending time with you family and generally doing life admin can be draining at times. So, it’s no wonder that we can start to feel down if we don’t take a step back and focus on ourselves.  

Doing something nice for yourself when you’re in a slump can be just what you need to put a smile on your face. Reading a book after a stressful day at work, running yourself a bath after looking after the kids or treating yourself to a new outfit when you're not feeling your best can all give you an uplifting boost when you need it most.  

It’s Good for Your Health.  

Stress doesn’t just impact our mood; it can also have serious effects on our health. It can lead to trouble sleeping, wreak havoc on our immune system and even increase the risk of cardiac and inflammatory disease if not properly addressed.  

Pampering yourself, however, elevates stress and can clear your mind. Which can help you reassess whatever is causing the stress in the first place. So, when you think about it like that, eating chocolate really can be good for your health!   

It Can Make You More Confident

Treating yourself, especially the act of spending a bit of money on yourself, no matter how small, can help you feel more confident and body positive.  

We all know how good it feels to step out in a new dress or a new piece of jewellery. Or how a beauty treatment can make us feel like a radiant goddess. These feelings of self-worth are important and you shouldn’t feel guilty for gifting them to yourself from time to time.   

It Sets a Good Example  

The idea of spending time on ourselves can make us feel guilty. But is that really how we’d want our friends, family or even our little ones to feel? Sometimes it’s good to lead by example, so go on treat yourself and let others know it’s ok to do the same.  

Our Top Ways to Treat Yourself. 

Now you know all the reasons why treating yourself is good for you, here’s some brilliant suggestions to help you do it! 

  • Book yourself a spa day. 
  • Go to the library and spend the day reading. 
  • Have a seriously decadent dessert for lunch (or breakfast!)  
  • Go and see a film by yourself.  
  • Have an early night.  
  • Buy something that will make you feel like a queen. 
  • Go for a walk by yourself in your favourite spot.  
  • Had your eye on a pair of our sparkly stainless steel stud earrings for a while? Go on, put them in your basket!