Ear Piercing Trends for Spring 2022

Spring is finally around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about breaking out some serious looks to celebrate. If you’ve been keeping your eyes on the spring catwalks, you’ll know that there’s one trend that’s popping off with celebs and influencers alike – the curated ear.  

Sported by the likes of Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson and Victoria Beckham, the curated ear consists of a uniquely arranged pattern of piercings made up of multiple rings, hoops and studs. The beauty of a curated ear is that there’s an unlimited number of arrangements you can go for. So you can create something that’s completely personal to you. To help you get started on your look, here’s 4 ear piercings that are having a moment right now.  

Constellation Piercings  

Constellation piercings are everywhere at the moment and for good reason. This chic yet edgy trend can add a real wow factor to any look. Their name comes from the fact that they’re made up of multiple piercings that are designed to reflect star constellations or astrological signs. Or else they can be more of a random pattern that still dazzles like the stars in the sky.  

More often than not, constellation piercings are arranged for specific jewellery in mind and might not have the same impact if they're switched out for something else. But when they look so good, why would you want to! 

The Vertical Lobe Piercing

Vertical lobe piercings consist of two or more holes stacked above one another on the lobe. They can be angled towards the center of the ear or in a straight vertical line depending on their placement. To achieve the look, you might choose to add a hole above an existing piercing but there's also nothing stopping you getting both done at the same time.  

We’d always suggest starting with matching stainless-steel studs but you can have fun swapping the lower piercing for a huggie hoop or ring once the duo has healed.  

The Staggered Lobe Piercing 

Whilst a stacked lobe goes directly above another piercing, a staggered lobe puts small studs in a higher placement between two or more parallel piercings. This is often done between multiple hoops rather than the same size studs to avoid it looking like an unintentionally uneven line.  

The Vertical and Staggered Lobe Piercing 

Can’t decide between staggering and stacked? Why not go for a combination of them both and take you styling to the next level! To achieve the look, you’ll need to go for a mixture of higher placement studs that are both above and between lower lobe piercings.


Daith Piercings  

A daith piercing is defined by a hoop or horseshoe piercing through the ear's innermost cartilage fold and makes the perfect finishing touch to any curated ear. And as well as looking good, daith piercings are said to have a surprising health benefit. Anyone who has ever had acupuncture knows that this part of the ear is targeted to stop migraines. So, some people find that having their daith pierced dramatically reduces their headaches.  

We hope you have fun planning your own curated ear. And remember that getting multiple piercings in one sitting will require an extra vigilant aftercare routine. Be sure to minimise the risk of infection by using hypoallergenic jewellery made from stainless steel or titanium. Shop our full range here.