How colour can help improve your mood.

Just like scents and music can transport you to another time and place, it's been well known for decades that colour can affect your mood and disposition. This is often applied to interior design when selecting paint colours, but the place you actually spend the most time in is your own body, so why not apply the principles of colour psychology to your appearance? Here are our top tips for using colour to enhance and improve your mood and set you up for a balanced and calm day:


1. Use colour to give yourself a boost

If you need an extra pep in your step or are trying to cultivate a sunnier disposition, consider opting for a warm yellow or orange hue in your style. Reminiscent of the sun on a summer's day, this colour can brighten your outlook instantly. You can do this with a yellow statement bag or a bold dress, but you can also do it in subtler ways with your jewellery. Consider our Gold Ball Stud with Leopard Print Heart Drop Earrings for an extra bit of zest in your everyday attire.


2. Use colour to focus yourself

If you want to improve your concentration and attention, opting for a hint of green in your style choices might just be the addition you need. You can pair a little black dress with a green accessory, such as opting for an emerald hue in your jewellery. Our Rose Gold Stainless Steel Long Drop Stud Earrings have a dazzling centre of green cubic zirconia that is perfect for the job.


3. Calm yourself with your colour choices

Perhaps the best benefit of colour is its ability to relax and calm the mind, especially when it comes to blue. Reminiscent of a tranquil sea on a restful summer holiday, this colour can help you to unwind and stay centred. If you know someone who could do with a few more relaxing influences in their life, opt for our Turquoise Heart Hypoallergenic Necklace and Earring Set. Just as with all of our jewellery, this set isn't just pleasing to the eyes but is perfectly designed for sensitive ears.

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