5 tips for choosing the right Christmas jewellery gift.

Jewellery is a classic Christmas gift choice - but as always, it pays to put a little bit of thought into what you choose. Make your loved one's festive season special by following these simple steps.

1) Take a look at what she usually wears

Girls and teens like to experiment, but adult women often feel more comfortable sticking to a particular style of jewellery. She probably already has firm ideas about what suits her face shape, haircut and style of clothing. If she tends to stick to studs, then long, dangly earrings might never get worn.

2) If in doubt, buy hypoallergenic

The subject of allergies rarely comes up in everyday conversation, so you might not know if your friend can't handle certain metals. It's better to be safe than sorry. To avoid an awkward conversation, look for hypoallergenic earrings that won't cause a reaction.

3) Don't trust yourself? Keep it simple!

Be honest: how much do you know about women's fashion? If you can say, hand on heart that you're an expert in the field, then go nuts. If not, then it pays to stick to a simple, classic design. Look for cubic zirconia or pearls, and opt for simple geometric shapes that will go with anything.

4) Choose a matching set

If you'd like to splash out a little more than a pair of stud earrings, take it to the next level by choosing a set. A pair of earrings with a matching necklace makes a thoughtful gift, and also gives your loved one the ability to choose if she wants to wear the necklace, the earrings, or both on any particular day.

5) Buying for a child or teen? Check with the parents!

Jewellery is a lovely gift for a young girl who may be slowly acquiring her own personal collection. However, to avoid disappointment, have a quiet word with her mum or dad. Check if she has any allergies, and also see what kind of earrings she wears. Newly pierced ears will only accept studs, so a pair of hoops might look gorgeous but could sit unworn for months on end. Instead, choose a pair of pretty studs, and she'll be able to wear them at once.