Do you just wear your earrings, or do you show them off?

Show off your favourite pair of earrings to those around you with the help of these tips, and ensure all eyes are on you when you walk into a room looking like a goddess.

Don't stray from personal style

It's important not to leave your own personal style. If you consider yourself a romantic, then curvy soft-angled earrings in muted colours would be perfect for you. Artistic people tend to wear colour exceptionally well, so drop earrings in bright colours are sure to up your style. If you prefer the classic look, studs or hoops will complement your look best. If you're more into a natural style, then earthly tones such as cool greens, ambers, yellows, azures and muted blues will look perfect on you.

Match your bone structure

If you have a small and fine bone structure, then studs or delicate earrings will suit you and bring out your beauty, as chunkier styles would overpower your finer shape. If your bone structure is more solid and has larger features, then you can wear bigger earrings that are a little more daring. If you think you have a medium-sized bone structure, then mid-sized studs or medium-length drop earrings are the way to go.

Suitable to the venue

Take into consideration the venue in which you will be wearing your earrings. If you're going to work, something a little more conservative would be best, such as traditional studs or some small drop earrings. If you're going out for a meal or special occasion, then drop cluster earrings or heavy hoops are perfect for letting people know you've arrived at the party.

Compliment your complexion

If you have a warm skin tone, then you should pick earrings that are in a colour spectrum of honey, gold, copper, olive and coral. Cooler tones should be complemented with silver, violet, blue and turquoise.

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