4 Spring Skincare Tips for Sensitive Skin

As well as being able to pick up the most stylish hypoallergenic jewellery, you can also bag yourself some of the best sensitive skincare products right here at Solace. Because we’re all about taking the stress out of shopping for anyone with sensitive skin.

Need a bit of skincare inspiration? As we head into a new season, it’s time to give your routine a bit of an overhaul. Follow these top tips for fabulous, fresh and healthy skin this spring.

1. Spring Clean Your Products

There’s something to be said about a good spring clean. Clearing out all those unwanted items that are taking up much needed space can do wonders for your mind as well as your home. But it’s easy to forget those items that lurk in the back of our cupboards, things like our old skincare products!

Have a good look through all the items on your bathroom shelves for things that have gone out of date (that’s right, beauty products don’t last forever!). You’ll find a numbered symbol somewhere on the tub or tube that tells you the number of months the product should be used for. Ditch all those cheap Christmas smellies that have been sat there for years and make way for a few key products like a Cleansing Face Wash and Daily Bliss Moisturiser.

2. Exfoliate Away That Winter Skin

Let’s be honest. We’re all guilty of neglecting our full body skincare routine whilst we’re snuggled up in jumpers and joggers over winter. But as the days get warmer, we’ll be slowly saying goodbye to layers and exposing that bit more skin. Get rid of any dry, flaky winter skin using an exfoliating scrub like the OJI Body Scrub. Simply apply gently to the skin, massage in soft circular motions then rinse using warm water for instant hydration. Finish by applying a small amount of Yara Body Food for that ultimate smooth and silky feel.

3. Don’t Forget the SPF

Spring means the return of the sun. Woo! Which means it’s also time to protect your skin, in particular your face, with the appropriate SPF. Even small amounts of UVA and UVB rays can damage your skin so it’s never too early to add a light layer of sun screen to your daily routine. Odylique’s sun screen has a completely natural formula that can be used in place of your usual moisturiser. 

4. Remember to Moisturise More

Speaking of moisturiser. It’s time to treat that skin that’s been hiding away all winter to a healthy splash of hydration. Regularly apply some lavender body lotion to areas like your neck and ears now that that they’re free from the confines of scarves and hats. The light formula will keep your skin looking healthy and smooth without overloading your pores as the weather gets warmer. And when the sun does shine, remember to apply moisturiser to any skin that’s been exposed during the day to really harness that sun-kissed glow.