4 Sweet 16 Birthday Gift Ideas

16th birthdays are a real coming of age for teenagers. It’s a milestone that marks the first steps towards adulthood and independence. So, when it comes to gifts, you’re going to want to give them something they’ll never forget or something that they can keep forever. Here’s our pick of the best 16th birthday gift ideas to make it one to remember!  


An Experience Day  

Give your teen a taste of the new-found freedom that comes with their move towards adulthood by organising a unique day out. You could plan this yourself or go through a company that does it for you. Either way, there are plenty of activities to choose from that are guaranteed to make memories that stay with the birthday boy or girl for a long time to come.  

For teens who can’t wait to learn to drive, there’s track days and supercar experiences. Or how about allowing them to really spread their wings with an introductory flying lesson? If music’s more their thing, treat them to tickets to see their favorite artist. And for budding foodies, there’s tons of cookery classes and tastings to choose from too.  

Make Them a Tribute Video  

Ditch the boring card for a funny or heartfelt video that will stand the test of time. You could try gathering together lots of different messages from family and friends and edit them together alongside photos of your teen growing up. It’s sure to embarrass and amuse them in equal measure!  

A Life Changing Book  

Keen readers will love the gift of a book that speaks to them at this pivotal moment in their life. It could be a novel that influenced you when you were their age. Or a more recent classic that’s proved popular amongst young people. Add a personal touch by writing a note in the front that explains your choice and why you think they’ll love it. Or else you could buy them one of the many books that helps them create their own bucket list of things they’d love to see and do in their lifetime. That way they’ll think of you each time they check one off!  


A Piece of Jewellery They’ll Cherish Forever 

Jewellery is the most popular gift for a 16th birthday as it’s both fitting for a special occasion and something that can be kept as a memento.  

Choose a timeless gift like a pair of sparkly stud earrings. We have plenty of different designs and styles to choose; check out our recent guide on CZ studs for inspo. There’s also our full range of swarovski crystal hypoallergenic earrings that come in an array of colours. These are an affordable yet quality alternative to expensive gemstones and allow you to either pick your teen’s favourite colour or go for one that matches their birthstone.  

Jewellery boxes are another great idea as they double up as somewhere to place all the little keepsakes they’ve collected throughout their childhood. Which is no doubt something they'll add to as they move into the next exciting stage of their life.