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Single Cartilage Bendable Hypoallergenic Hoop w/ Removable Heart

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Product Description

  • Note: This is a single segment earring, not a pair
  • Size: 8mm
  • Thickness: 1.0mm
  • Material: 316L Stainless Steel 

Suitable for

  • Tragus
  • Daith
  • Helix
  • High lobe

Allergy-safe, or your money back!

Do you get itchy or sore skin when wearing jewellery? 

Our jewellery is perfect for you!

Tried and tested, with over 95% of our customers able to wear our jewellery, even after years of suffering. We have helped tens of thousands of happy customers already.

How? 316L/Surgical steel jewellery is known to be one of the most hypoallergenic metals on the market.

Hypoallergenic means 'unlikely to cause reaction'.

Although nothing can be promised as 100% allergy free, as a tiny percentage of people can be hyper-allergic, stainless steel is used by medical professionals for knives and implants due to the low chance of a reaction, hence the term surgical steel.

Hyper-sensitive? Don't worry, that's where our guarantee comes in... Wear comfortably or your money back! See the 'Our Guarantee' tab below for more on this and our lifetime warranty.

For more information about hypoallergenic earrings, check out our blog on nickel allergies.

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We are happy when you are! So, if you don't like your order, simply send it back and we will refund you or exchange for another item of your choice*.


Our earrings are made to last. Wear them 24/7 with no fading. With our lifetime guarantee we will replace any fault due to a manufacturing defect.

Faulty items will be replaced immediately following proof.

*This does not apply to our made to order wedding rings.

Earring Size Type

3mm             Tiny (suitable for 2nd/ 3rd piercings)

5mm             Small (suitable for kids/ adults everyday wear)

7mm             Medium (suitable for kids who want larger earrings/ adults)

10mm           Large

Ring Size      Circumfrence(mm)

J                     48.7-

L                     51.2-

O                    55.1-

Q                    57.6

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Victoria Mercer
Love it!

This is great and really kind to my sensitive ear. A little tricky to get in but looks great in position.

Pretty but fiddily

A very pretty earing that I bought for my tragus piercing. However it is not easy to close the earing once it is in the ear. I wont wear it as Im worried it will fall out due to not being closed properly.

Sorry to hear that, have you tried using a pair of tweezers to close as this can make it easier? If not, please contact us at customerservice@solacejewellery.co.uk and we can advise further/ arrange a return.

Emily Stevens
Give yourself time!

I spent an hour trying to put this into my daith piercing, I gave up after the hoop got all bent out of shape and got stuck in my ear! I have a bendable hoop which I needed to replace and that one is really easy to put in and take out that is also a solace jewellery hoop. This hoop is very stiff and impossible to close with the heart on. I have one very red and bleeding piercing.

I have managed to get it in my lower helix piercing, which was just as tricky, the heart kept falling off and you can’t close the hoop enough to keep the heart in place.

Such a shame as it’s a beautiful hoop.

Sorry to hear that Emily. Cartilage earrings are quite fiddly in general and harder to manipulate due to the nature of the metal, it is stronger than sterling silver or softer gold, (but that's what gives it all of the other benefits). Sorry for the experience, we would recommend a pair of tweezers to manipulate the jewellery and someone else to help with the placement to hopefully mitigate these problems.

Lauren M.

Very pretty but very hard to put in, I haven’t really been able to wear this one due to trying to put it in then close it so it stays on

Hi Lauren, I am sorry to hear you have had issues with this hoop. Cartilage studs can be tricky, if you would like to exchange for a different style please email customerservice@solacejewellery.co.uk and we can arrange that for you.

Juliet D.
Unusable and impractical.

This hoop is really beautiful but completely unusable. It is so small and fiddly. The heart is not fixed in place so constantly slips off when you're trying to put the earring on. It took so many attempts to actually get the earring in, my ear was very painful I had to give up several times. When I finally did get the earring in, it was impossible to close, as the metal is very tough and there is absolutely no way to get any purchase on it with it being so small and with the heart constantly slipping off the hoop.
It was incredibly frustrating and my ear was very red and painful by the time I managed to get the earring in, and I had to take it out pretty soon after as it wouldn't close properly so kept catching on my hair and the heart kept coming off.
Unfortunately this was a complete waste of money.

Hi Juliet, I am sorry to hear you had this experience and it caused you so much pain. It sounds like you need a bigger hoop of which we have lots of styles, if you email us at customerservice@solacejewellery.co.uk we can arrange that for you.