Will we all be "glamming up" after lockdown?

A lot of things have changed during life under lockdown, including how we dress and style ourselves. So after months of sitting about in loungewear and ‘dressing from the waist up’, will we emerge from the current situation with the same laid-back attitude or desperate to ‘glam up’ for the summer?

Dressing to impress?

Working from home and engaging in Zoom calls to the office, many people have simply been donning a professional top, their smartest stud earrings and keeping their PJ bottoms or joggers on for the day. Over the past few months, it seems, comfort has definitely won out over style, for good reason. With restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs closed, there has been little incentive to make ourselves look glamorous.

Now that restrictions are easing and things gradually start to reopen, will people continue to prize comfort over fashion? We predict that fashion – and women’s fashion in particular – are about to see one of the biggest revolutions ever.

Something to celebrate

After months of boredom and little to celebrate, the reopening of the leisure industry we may well see a huge surge of interest when it comes to glamming up. People everywhere have been looking forward to meeting up with friends, and the chance to dress to impress, and the reopening of our favourite hangouts thankfully coincides with the glorious summer months.

Who doesn’t want to look good in the summer? Although high street shops are gradually reopening, most people are unlikely to abandon the online shopping we’ve come to rely on recently, so women’s fashion is moving online as we start to look for the new clothes and accessories to give us the wow factor this summer.

Start planning!

Now is the ideal time to start planning your first ‘post-lockdown party outfit’, because we’re all due a good celebration! If you have sensitive ears and are looking for hypoallergenic earrings to complete your look, then Solace Jewellery is the place to come. We have a fantastic collection of stainless steel earrings to really set off your post-lockdown look.

However you choose to celebrate, look your best as we start to get together again, and celebrate in style!