What to Pack for a Family Camping Trip

Are you about to embark on your first camping trip as a family? Or perhaps you're a seasoned pro who still seems to always leave something essential behind. Either way, we're here to take the stress out of packing for everyone from tots to tweens with this easy-to-follow guide. Then you can concentrate on making memories in the great outdoors.

The Campsite Essentials

It goes without saying that you need to make sure you’ve packed your tent if you aren’t staying in pre-pitched accommodation. But there are a few more staples you should pop in the car first to kick things off:  

  • Tent (making sure all the pegs are in the bag first!)  
  • Ground tarp  
  • A mallet 
  • Torch and battery powered lighting  
  • Roll mat or airbed (depending on space and preference)
  • Travel cot, sleeping bags and pillows  
  • Folding chairs and portable highchair 
  • Pushchair  
  • Chargers and batteries for electricals 
  • Hot water bottle 

Cooking and Kitchen Gear  

Unless you’re glamping somewhere that provides cooking equipment, make sure you pack everything you need to whip up some delicious campfire grub:  

  • Stove with fuel  
  • Matches  
  • Pots and pans  
  • Plates, bowls, bottles and cutlery (including those for little hands).  
  • Kitchen Roll  
  • Washing up bowl, soap and sponge.  
  • Long lasting snacks  
  • Stuff to make a proper brew!  
  • A flask with warm water prepped for a late-night feed or early morning bottle.  
  • Rubbish bags 

Personal Items and Toiletries

Picture the scene. The tent is pitched. The sun is going down and you’re starting to appreciate the quiet and solitude of the wilderness. That is until you realise its changing time and you’ve left you whole supply of nappies on the kitchen table. Queue a mad dash to the nearest shop half an hour away that you’re pretty sure is already closed. Avoid this real-life horror story by making sure the whole family's personal items are safely packed:  

  • Wet wipes and baby wipes  
  • Shampoo (or dry shampoo), conditioner, soap, sponges, deodorant etc and all child / baby-friendly equivalents. 
  • Toothpaste and toothbrushes 
  • Toilet paper  
  • Portable potty if needed
  • Nappies and cream 
  • Child-friendly insect repellant  
  • Medications 
  • Sanitary products  
  • Towels and face cloths  
  • Sun cream  
  • Hand sanitiser  
  • Brushes and combs  
  • Contact lenses, glasses and sunglasses 
  • First aid kid and sewing kit


Little ones + camping = lots of dirty clothes! But that’s all part of the fun as long as you’re prepared. Alongside all your family's usual clothing, you’ll want to make sure you have the following: 

  • Wellies and extra shoes in case of wet weather  
  • A windproof jacket or suit for everyone  
  • Hats (including sun hats) and mitts or gloves 
  • Waterproof trousers or one-pieces  
  • Dry nite pants
  • Lots of extra cosy socks, underwear and Pjs!  
  • Swimwear and water shoes  
  • Backpacks  
  • Clothes pegs, line and travel wash

Toys and Games 

Keep it simple when it comes to toys. Make sure you pack anything you know your little ones can't sleep without. And after that go for things that will make camping and playing in the mud even more fun. Things like buckets, spades, footballs, toy gardening tools and toy walkie talkies. Older children might also appreciate craft materials or a predownloaded app that can help them track the constellations.

And Finally, Jewellery. Is It Ever a Good Idea to Take Jewellery Camping?

In short, yes. If you’re like us, you’ll know that no outfit is complete without jewellery. Even when you’re camping. Luckily our whole range of stainless-steel jewellery is lightweight, waterproof and durable. Not to mention hypoallergenic and tarnish free! Which means the whole family can keep in their favourite pair of stud earrings for the whole trip (including while they sleep!) without the fear of losing or damaging them.