Everything You Need to Know About Rubies: July’s Birthstone

There are few gemstones that catch the eye like the bold and fiery red of rubies. Long since associated with love and passion, a piece of ruby jewellery is the perfect gift for that special someone any time of year. But it’s extra significant for July babies who are lucky enough to call this luxurious jewel their birthstone. So if you’re thinking of giving rubies as a gift this month, here’s a few facts that are sure to impress your loved one even more!

Where Are Rubies Found?

Myanmar (previously known as Burma) is regarded as the place where you can find the finest rubies. But political unrest and a lack of regulation mean that many jewellers now choose to source their rubies from elsewhere. Now most originate from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, Cambodia and Pakistan.

Are Rubies a Hard Stone?

One of the great things about rubies is that they’re very hard wearing. In fact, they are second only to diamonds in terms of hardness which means they can be faceted into any shape cut.

Are Rubies Always Red?

A true ruby will always be red. The word ruby itself comes from the Latin word “ruber” which actually means red. But of course, there are different shades and stones can vary from paler reds to the more desirable (and more expensive!) “pigeon's blood” red. Rubies can also have secondary hues of pinks, oranges, purples and a sought-after blue.

This History of Rubies.

In ancient India, the ruby was regarded as the “king of precious stones” owing to its rarity, beauty and supposed mystical powers. The deep rich red was thought to symbolise our very life-force, blood. And as such, it was a symbol of power, youth and energy.

Other civilisations attributed various qualities to this beautiful gem. In medieval times, it was believed that wearing a ruby would bring health, wealth and love to the owner. Whilst Burmese warriors thought it could make them invincible against their enemies.

What Do Rubies Symbolise Now?

With red being the colour of love, Rubies symbolise commitment and happiness. Which is one of the reasons why they’re now the traditional gift given to those celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. The fiery nature of rubies is also said to represent fearlessness and confidence.

Are Rubies Expensive?

Fine quality rubies are the most expensive coloured gemstone. Dark, clear stones are the most expensive whilst lighter hues tend to be cheaper. It’s worth noting that despite their price tag, almost 95% of all rubies today are heat treated to improve their transparency. So a true, completely untouched ruby is extremely rare.

So is it really worth paying all that money? Perhaps not when there are some gorgeous, high quality alternatives which look just as good as the real thing. Just like our Ruby Bezel Set Hypoallergenic Stud Earrings and Necklace which are made from the finest coloured crystals and make the perfect pair for a July birthday. And the fact that they’re allergy free makes them perfect for those with sensitive ears too.