Top hypoallergenic earrings for kids

If your child has just had their ears pierced or discovered an allergy to certain metals used in jewellery, we have a great selection of earrings available that are suitable for school as well as leisure time. Check out some of our most popular favourites below...

5mm Clear Cubic Zirconia Surgical Steel Earrings -

Simple but stunning. They're made with surgical steel, ideal for anyone with sensitive skin or a metal allergy. They're inexpensive but the sparkly look is great for a fancy occasion including family weddings and parties. They're delicate enough to be worn by all ages (just make sure to clean them in between uses!)

Silver Ball Hypoallergenic Earrings -

These gender-neutral earrings are ideal as a first pair of earrings that can be worn to school too. The hypoallergenic materials used make them a great option for long-term everyday use. At 4mm they're lightweight enough to be worn all day and won't dominate small ears.

Rose Gold Hypoallergenic Star Stud Earrings -

Rose gold earrings look stunning every spring and summer and are feminine without being too bright for school or work. We also have them in heart and ball studs if your child wants something they can swap without having a reaction. All for under £25!

Bezel-Set Circle Stud Hypoallergenic Earrings With Swarovski® Elements Crystals -

Set with Swarovski® Elements Crystals, these earrings will look great with their splash of colour and high-quality materials. The silver colour setting will complement a range of outfits but the small sizes available will work great for kids.

Stainless Steel Cone-Shaped Stud Earrings -

Another gender-neutral pair that's fun and funky for all ages. Great for wearing to their first concert or with rock'n'roll fancy dress as an alternative to costume jewellery. We love these because it allows kids to be individual while helping sensitive skin.

Every pair of earrings in our range is made with hypoallergenic materials, meaning that you can look your best and allow piercings to heal safely. Choose a new favourite or a set that will give your child a distinct look for school and play