Should I take my jewellery off when exercising?

Do you watch athletes on the TV and wonder how they wear jewellery when running 100 metres, or performing the long jump? If they can wear earrings and other jewellery when competing, why shouldn't you be able to during yoga? The trick is, to wear practical earrings so they don't cause injury. Below is a quick guide to which earrings you should wear when doing certain sporting activities so you don't have to sacrifice your jewellery, whether you're wearing it for sentimental reasons or as a fashion statement.

Yoga & Exercise classes

These are generally low impact exercises and don't require quick bursts of movement, other than HIIT classes, so you can wear more delicate, on trend jewellery. However we would still advise avoiding long chain necklaces and large hoops/ dangle earrings.

Contact sports

When it comes to contact sports, safety outweighs style. Earrings which can get caught and pulled should be avoided i.e hoops and barbell earrings, so it's best to wear small studs that can't get snared on anything. Studs come in all shapes and sizes, and for added safety choose some which are smooth.

Sports that require a helmet

If your ear is partially covered by a helmet, small dainty earrings and studs are the best options as they are least likely to get snagged on something. However, if your ears are completely covered, flat earrings are the option for maximum comfort, and because they're covered they're not going to get entangled in any straps.

Water sports

Surgical steel studs are perfect for water sports as they are rust-resistant. Another good thing about studs is that they are sleek and can fit beneath a swim cap, allowing you to swim effortlessly.

Just got your ears pierced?

If you just got your ears pierced and can't avoid sports, cover them up for safety which will be quite easy to do as your earrings are most likely studs. Athletic tape or bandages are good to use for covering up the front and back of the earring, with an athletic headband also an option.

Earrings to avoid

Common sense should guide you when choosing what earrings to wear before exercising. Earrings with sharp edges should be avoided as they can cut your skin and textured earrings can easily get caught in hair. Think long and hard with sentimental pieces as the risk of losing them may not be worth wearing them.

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