How To Style Stackable Rings

One jewellery trend that's not going anywhere in 2021 is ring stacking. Loved by celebrities and fashion bloggers alike, this versatile style can be both edgy or cute, glamorous or boho. It’s all down to how you rock it!  

Whilst there are no rules when it comes to stackable rings, it’s worth thinking about what look you’re trying to create before you start loading up those digits. With that in mind, here’s our top tips to help you slay this trend your way.  

Consider The Style Of Rings You Want to Use.  

As the name suggests, ring stacking is all about wearing multiple rings on the same finger. With some effort, it’s possible to achieve this look with your existing collection but it’s much easier to use rings that have been specifically designed with this in mind.  

These purpose-made stacking rings tend to be thinner or curved to allow you to wear one on top of the other with ease. For those wanting to create a more understated and relaxed look, we’d recommend using these rather than chunky gemstone rings.  

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Your Metals 

Once a big no no in the world of women’s fashion, today you’ll see top style experts and influencers sporting multiple metals on the same hand.  

An even mix of thin silver and rose gold bands can add a modern and feminine twist to an outfit. Whilst yellow gold and silver will give your look an alternative edge. Alternatively, opt for all silver if you’re going for a mystical or boho vibe.  

Consider How Much Space You Want to Leave Between Rings.  

The bolder way to style this trend is to leave plenty of skin on show between each ring. To do this, you might want to try knuckle layering by having one ring in the usual place at the base of your finger and then a smaller midi ring (sometimes called a knuckle ring) half way up your finger above your middle knuckle.  

Leaving a small space between each ring or opting for interlocking rings is another elegant twist on this trend. This is also a good option if you plan on wearing gloves as midi rings are notoriously easily to lose! 

Play Around With Shapes and Textures  

If you’re wanting to create a minimal and chic effect with your stackable rings, look out for styles with dainty bands. To create a focal point, try adding a statement shape like this rose gold and enamel cross ring. The twisted loop mimics the stackable style without needing to double up on rings.  

If you're after something a little tougher, try stacking braided or twisted stainless steel rings instead.  

Make Sure Your Nails Compliment the Look.  

The stackable ring trend is already a strong fashion choice so we'd recommend keeping your nail colour neutral or in-fitting with the metallic theme. And because you want the rings to take center stage, stacking also works best with natural or discreet false nails rather than large talons.