How To Layer Necklaces Like a Pro

Welcome to Solace’s guide to mastering the number one jewellery trend of 2022: layering necklaces. This effortlessly cool look is everywhere at the moment. Everyone from A -list celebs to your favourite fashion bloggers all seem to be sporting multiple chains stacked to perfection. But how many necklaces should you wear at once? And how do you get them evenly spaced? We’re here to help!  

How Many Necklaces Should You Layer?

When it comes to layering necklaces, there’s no set rules. And the number of necklaces you should layer is really down to personal taste. For a casual or work look, you might want to keep it simple with two chains. Or if you’re wanting something big and bold, play around with layering five or more. For newbies to this trend, we’d recommended starting with three to perfect your spacing and then adapt as you go!  

Consider Your Lengths  

The most popular way of stacking necklaces is to create a waterfall effect with two chains of differing lengths. The easiest place to start is with a choker or short chain like our 40cm chunky link chain necklace. Next, add a piece that’s a few centimeters longer like our rope chain hypoallergenic necklace. Add a third, slightly longer necklace to complete the look.  

Get Playful with Pendants  

Pendants add a focal point to your layered look. A necklace like our daisy hypoallergenic necklace looks fabulous with two layered shorter chains or framed in the middle with a choker and drop necklace. 

Have Fun with Textures 

Add interest to your necklace stacking by mixing up your chain styles, weights and textures. Think mixing T-bar chains with box chains, flat snake chains with rope chains. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even throw away the rule book and mix your metals. Most of our stainless-steel necklaces come in both silver and gold colourways so you can pick and mix your style.  

Consider Ways to Cheat! 

There are a few different ways you can get instant success with layering necklaces. One way is to buy a pre-tiered chain or a curated set of stacked chains. But if you’re looking for an easy way to achieve the look with your existing chains, look no further than our pack of three necklace extenders. Achieve the perfect spacing with these 2-, 3- and 4-inch extensions that can be added to any of our chains with minimal effort.  

Ignore The Rules

Whilst we hope these tips and tricks have been helpful, we encourage you to rock this trend your own way. Throw in some colour, get creative with pearls or beads and express your personality with this versatile trend!