Everything You Need to Know About Peridot: August’s Birthstone

August’s birthstone, peridot, has been a prized gemstone for centuries. These beautiful green stones come in different shades and are steeped with meaning and symbolism. So, whether you’re treating yourself or on the hunt for a prezzie for an August baby, here’s everything you need to know about these natural beauties.  

Where Are Peridots Found? 

The very first peridots hailed from Topazios, a small island in the Red Sea that’s now called St. John’s or Zabargad Island. But the stone didn’t gain commercial popularity until the 1990's when large quantities of high-quality gems were discovered in Pakistan.  

After further discoveries in China, Myanmar, Vietnam and Africa, today it’s estimated that up to 95% of the world's supply of peridots can be found on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona.  

Are Peridots Always Green? 

Unlike many other gems whose colours are the result of impurities, the peridot gets it gorgeous green hue from the mineral olivine. It’s also one of the few gems that doesn’t come in a variety of colours. Instead, it’s just their shade that varies, ranging from brighter, yellowish green tones to darker olive greens depending on the amount and type of iron they contain.  

This History of Peridots.  

The ancient Egyptians were among the first people to hold peridots in high esteem. Known to them as “the gem of the sun”, they believed the stone had the power to protect the wearer from nightmares and evil spirits.  

Other civilizations had different beliefs and uses for peridots. In the Middle Ages, the gem was thought to give insight into the future whilst the Roman’s used them for protection against wicked enchantments.  

Peridots were also believed to be useful in old medical practices. Crushed peridots were used in remedies that were thought to improve respiration, fight insomnia and stop bleeding. As well as easing the pain of labor during childbirth! 

What Do Peridots Symbolise Now? 

Today, the gift of peridots is thought to bestow the wearer with prosperity and good fortune. Peridots are also said to provide creative inspiration which makes them a great gift for a budding artist! They’re also the traditional gift for those celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary.  

Are Peridots expensive? 

In general, peridots are one of the more affordable gemstones. Although their prices vary depending on their colour, size and quality. Rich, olive-green peridots are the most expensive whilst ones with yellow tones have more modest price tags. Period’s affordability is partly due to its availability but it’s very unusual to find large stones so expect to pay a lot more for these.  

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