GIFT GUIDE: Buying for a friend

Jewellery always makes a special gift, but it can be daunting choosing it for other people, especially earrings. Trends may change throughout the year, but we’ve got the top tips to help you choose the perfect earrings for a loved one.

Silver or gold?

Most people have a preference with jewellery and tend to wear only silver styles or traditional gold and rose gold. The next few times you see them, take a look at the jewellery they are wearing to find out which colour metal you should go for as a starting point.

Bold or traditional?

The next step is to consider their overall style; do they wear a lot of bold colours, bright prints and oversized jewellery, or do they tend to stick to more classic neutral colours and dainty styles? Always bear this in mind when choosing earrings for someone else, as there is no point buying them an large hoop or dramatic chandelier earring if they only tend to wear smaller stud earrings.

What’s their lifestyle like?

Consider the lifestyle of the person you are buying for; do they have a practical job or are they always running around with the kids? If so, they might prefer a smaller earring that won’t catch at work or be pulled by little hands! Don’t forget to also consider any allergies they may have and consider purchasing nickel free or stainless steel earrings that won’t irritate sensitive ears.

Experiment a little!

Having said all the above, there’s still plenty of ways you can choose them something a little different that will still suit their style. If the person you are buying for loves a big hoop, consider treating them to hoops in a quirky shape such as hexagonal hoops, or if they stick to classic studs, surprise them with studs in a pretty shape such as stars or hearts, or a fun colour!

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