Express your personality and character at work.

Wearing the right outfit and accessorising it properly is important, especially if you work in an office as it expresses your personality, character and professionalism.

Wearing your work outfit can be quite monotonous unless you pair it with some jewellery that will enhance the look and your personality. Rather than just going for the normal basic styles, use the tips below and opt for the finest jewellery styles for the office.

Work guidelines

Before deciding on what jewellery to wear into the office, make sure you know the rules. A few offices may not permit you to wear certain types of jewellery, and even if there are no rules, calculate the atmosphere and accessorise accordingly. If there is more of a conservative atmosphere, keep it simple yet if there is a casual atmosphere, try going for something a little bolder.

Simple yet sophisticated

Pearl jewellery has always been a favoured choice for office wear as it compliments a wide variety of outfits, oozing glamour and elegance at the same time. Muted tones are perfect for the office, though if you are unsure of which colour to choose, white is always a safe choice as it creates a classy aura.

Less is more

Minimalist jewellery is the way to go when accessorising for the office, as it gives a clean and refined look. Layering minimalist jewellery can make you look professional, even if you are wearing a power suit. It is also the perfect way to express your personality in a powerful yet subtle way, as it reflects a refined, polished and sophisticated feminine look.

Enhance not exaggerate

You want to complement your outfit, not exaggerate it, so delicate studs and an elegant necklace will help to structure your outfit. The key is to enhance your look with sophistication without exaggeration as this can add beauty to any outfit, while also complimenting your lady-boss energy.

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