Do you know your backs?

For many people, earrings aren't simply a bit of metal, they become an individual's fashion statement. They have the power to define who you are without saying a word. This also applies to your earring backs.

Push Backs

The most widely used type of earring back is the push back, sometimes termed friction backs. When using push backs, slide the back up the earring post till the earring is set securely in position. Stud earrings and dangle earrings commonly use push backs, yet remember to be careful when fixing your hair as push backs are not the most secure of earring backs.

French Wire

French wires are exclusively associated with drop earrings as they rely upon the weight of each earring to secure it in place. The wire is an arched hook that goes through the ear which securely hangs there. French wires can also be referred to as fish hook earrings. For extra security, plastic earring backs can be added to the tip of a French wire earring which are little plastic pieces that can glide up the earring post and secure the piece of jewellery in place.

Latch Back

These earring backs are usually applied to hoop earrings. Some latch-back earrings include a hinged post that passes through the ear and then clasps into a notch on the opposite side of the earring to secure it into position. Other latch backs possess a post that doesn't move. The post goes directly through the ear which then slips right into a hole on the opposite side of the earring to produce a constant loop.

Clip Earrings

These type of earring backs are for those who haven't got pierced ears. Clip earrings include a clip that fastens onto the earlobe to secure the earring in position rather than traditionally sliding it through the ear. People also choose clip earrings instead of bulky costume pieces as they can damage your hole piercing due to the excess weight.

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