Do you find hoop earrings daunting?

For a lot of people, hoop earrings look big and daring, with some going as far as to say daunting. Yet when paired with the right outfit, hoops can become your best friend and give you that confidence boost you're after. Down below are a few ideas on how to wear hoop earrings to maximise their potential.


Big hoops will complement any boho outfit you end up wearing, in whatever hairstyle you choose. Whether you wear your hair half-up or down with a flower crown, hoops will compliment it well, especially large ones. As for makeup, keep it simple as you want most of the attention on your earrings and not what lipstick you're wearing.


Hoop earrings have the ability to instantly enhance any casual look and are a great way to immediately add interest to any look when you don't have much time. A simple t-shirt, jeans and boots paired with hoop earrings creates a minimalist but trendy outfit without being boring. The great thing about this trick is that you can use any shape and style of hoop earrings and you will still look exceptional.

Night out

Hoop earrings are probably the go-to earring for a night out, whether you're hitting the dancefloor or catching up with friends. You can even wear the same pair you wore during the day for your night out as well, to look adventurous and classy without even trying.

Small hoops

While big hoops make a statement, sometimes you only want to add a little twinkle to your outfit. In this case, small hoops or huggies would be the way to go, as they add a lot of character to your look without drawing much attention. They're easy to style too as they can be paired with different ensembles, such as your work suit or a little black dress and are easily paired with other items of jewellery like a statement necklace.

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