Diamond, Heart, Oval, Round, Square... which are you?

There is nothing quite like an exquisite and eye-catching pair of earrings to enhance the sparkle in your eye and complement your natural features. Yet choosing the right earring for your face shape can be a tricky science.

As a retailer of hypoallergenic earrings, the team at Solace believe everyone should be free to accessorise with divine looking jewellery.

As a rule of thumb, there are five general face shapes: diamond, square, round, oval or heart. Here’s a simple guide to ensure your hypoallergenic earrings bring out the best in you.


As the name suggests, a diamond face is quite angular. Your chiselled cheekbones and graceful symmetry is best suited to stud earrings or earrings worn close to the ear. Such understated pieces of jewellery will balance out the angles of your face and make you sparkle like the rarest gem.


If you’re fortunate enough to be a heart-shaped beauty, then you’re lucky enough to be able to get away with wearing the sort of statement earrings that are wider at the bottom and thinner on the top. These type of earrings will balance your jawline to perfection and make you the true belle of the ball.


An oval face is in many ways a universal face. That’s not to say you’re run-of-the-mill by any means. On the contrary, you’re an exceptional beauty who can wear a wide range of earrings. Yet it’s probably a good idea for you to avoid excessively long earrings. Your eloquent face will be given far more balance if you wear shorter earrings. In your case, less is definitely more.


Round-faced people are as cute as a button and they can be even cuter if they opt to wear the right earrings. The key here is to avoid circular earrings such as loops. You’re more suited to long earrings which will elongate your face and enhance its natural beauty.


Last but not least we have the strong jawline and athletic grace of the square face. Curved and flowing earrings will help bring out the best in your facial features and make you the envy of many.