Back to the future.... trend

Who'd have thought it, but in 2019 the '90s are making a huge comeback. Iconic gothy trends set in motion by the Grunge movement of the early '90s have stuck around for years but lately, they are slipping into mainstream fashion circles again. And if there's one thing those of us who have allergies to certain metals knows, it's not just green marks that cheap jewellery in the '90s left.

That's were Solace comes in. We know that having hypoallergenic, fashionable jewellery is important to our customers, at unbeatable prices. Here are our top picks to pull off the '90s goth trend with our rocking jewellery.

Black Stainless Steel Cut-out Round Circle Stud Earrings

No rocker worth their salt would be seen dead without at least one pair of solid black earrings, and these also double to look like plugs without resorting to stretching your earlobes. Wear these cute earrings with black velvet chokers and a lot of eyeliner.

Spiral Flower Long Drop Hypoallergenic Earrings

Nothing says "grunge" like fire stained silver (that's the black bits in between the raised silver design) and these earrings are elegant and simple enough to be dressed up as well as down.

Stainless Steel Cone-Shaped Stud Earrings

Cone-shaped spikes positively scream goth, but not everyone wants to wear the obvious dog collar choker. These beauties are a more subtle approach to wearing spikes.

Stainless Steel Twisted Hoop Clip Back Earrings

The humble hoop earring is a jewellery staple, no matter what your fashion tastes are, and these hoops are the perfect addition to every jewellery box. Made with a trusty and easy to use clip back fastening to keep them in place from day to night, they can be paired with all of our tops picks, doubled or even tripled up for a classic '90s look.

All of our '90s top pick earrings are surgical or stainless steel, the most reliably hypoallergic metal used in the industry, so no more sore ears. If you aren't 100% happy, just contact our wonderful customer service team for a full refund. If goth isn't your style, check out our other collections today!