6 Top Valentine's Day Gift Ideas To Make Her Love You More

Valentine’s Day is that time in the month of February when couples become extra appreciative of each other. It has become an informal holiday of sorts for lovers. Since Christmas was barely two months ago, the challenge of finding that perfect gift for her becomes increasingly difficult, especially if you've been together for quite some time. As cliche as it may seem, the things that aren’t tangible (love, time, affection and etc) are those that are mostly appreciated. However, it won’t hurt if you give her something that will make her remember your Valentine’s Day celebration even more. It doesn’t have to be grand, as the simple gestures will be better than most of the frivolous presents when well thought out. If she’s always talked about those pair of gold love heart stud earrings, the ones with the huge diamonds, then you know what to do. But if those are out of your budget, we’re here for you.


Jewellery is a go-to gift for most men on special days, especially Valentine's Day and anniversaries, but it has rather become ordinary. We don't want that to happen so the goal is to find that piece of jewellery that represents her and her personality. You don't have to shell out a lot of money to make her happy. For instance, you can give her these 6mm Emerald Square Hypoallergenic Earrings, because she was born in the month of May and her birthstone is emerald. Include a heartfelt written note on how you became a new person when she came into your life (since emerald is a symbol of rebirth).  If you're not much of a romantic, she may be pleasantly surprised by the poem you just penned by knowing the meaning of her birthstone. Be creative, Google is your friend!

 Spa Kit

Image from www.sephora.com

For days when she wants to be pampered and relaxed at home, this gift will make her love you tenfold. A well-curated spa kit suggests that you know what she wants, at the same time showing you want her well taken care of. Sephora has a selection of bath gift sets that can make life a bit easier for you. Throw in her favourite La Mer hand creme for good measure. To make things even better, schedule a spa day for her with you giving the treatments. Make her feel like a queen! Don't forget the aromatic candles to make the atmosphere more relaxed and the ambiance romantic. If things go well, she might be in the mood for romance for the rest of the day. Win-win situation!

 Workout Clothes

 Image from shop.lululemon.com

It's the start of the year so your girl must have sworn that she'll drop off that holiday weight by going to the gym or the yoga studio. Be extra supportive by giving her cute but functional workout clothes. You can never go wrong with Lululemon. They can be steep but know that her happiness is priceless, so your call. Also, pretty sure these clothes will be on Instagram because you know, pics or the workout didn't happen so be a good "Instagram husband" and help her out. 

 Recipe Box Subscription 

Image from mindfulchef.com

If she likes cooking, but does not have the convenience of time to go shopping or prepare all of the ingredients, this is the best present for her (which you can also benefit from). These boxes contain pre-measured ingredients along with recipe cards. The best part? It is delivered at her doorstep! There are plenty of services to choose ranging from organic to paleo. If she's been telling you about going paleo for some time now, this is the time for her to try. You can also cook one of the recipes together for your dinner date to serve as extra bonding time. 

A Good Book

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A book from her favourite author will be one of the best gifts she will ever receive from her partner. This means that apart from wanting her to look and feel great, you also want her to stay mentally sharp. How's that for holistic caring, huh? If she doesn't have a favourite author, take a look at her reading list or casually ask her about the genre that she's into. Otherwise, buy her a book that you feel may inspire her. According to Vanity Fair, Binary Star by Sarah Gerard is one of the best books to give to your best friend. Makes sense because aside from her being your partner, she's also your best friend, right? If she's not the type to dwell on books, buy her a subscription of her favourite magazine instead! 

Honourable mention:

Flowers and Chocolates 

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Though very common, these can always mark the occasion special. No matter how much women say they would rather receive this or that, flowers and chocolates have a way of tugging at the heartstrings. So along with the gift ideas mentioned above, be a gentleman and bring her a bouquet of her favourite flowers with a box of chocolates.  

From hypoallergenic earrings to recipe box subscriptions, we hope you already have an idea on what to give to make her Valentine's Day celebration extra memorable. If the effort is there, she will notice and you will easily become her favourite out of all her favourite things that you've given her.